What is Girgian ?

July 2, 20150

GirgeangirlGirgian a part of Gulf Region,(Kuwait)Girgian is celebrated during the month of Ramdan Kareem,it is marked on 13th,14th and 15th day of Ramdam. People start decorating their houses from almost a month.
In olden days women used to start preparing for Girgian before 6 months because they used to sew small fabric bags and decorate it with lac so that they could fill it will homemade sweets, nuts and small toys.
You can get special dresses in the market for Girgian, with all the lac and glittering work on it.
Children dress up in fancy or national costumes. They usually go in groups followed by their nannies or an elderly person with them, or by cars they go to their relatives and neighborhood,they sing in chorus a song about Girgian and as the song is over they are rewarded with small sweets bag or small decorated sweet boxes, money or small toys.
Every box or bag contains different types of nuts, sweets, candies and gums.
Girgian is also celebrated in schools and nursery.
Nowadays Girgian is slowly becoming more and more commercialized with grand public events at public places and Malls.

written by Shaheen Sayyed
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