Dana Alotaibi Stabbed to Death

July 25, 20220 Comments

The super famous YouTuber Dana Alotaibi was killed at the hands of her husband Bryant Tejada Castillo, active duty Marine member, due to an argument on a busy freeway in the US last week, Crime Online reported.

The 27-year-old Alotaibi, who is pregnant in her third month, died after receiving many stabs from her husband in the American state of Hawaii.

According to sources, the victim had complained before her death about being subjected to domestic abuse and pleaded for help multiple times but to no avail.

The YouTuber, whose identity is unknown but some people said she is Saudi While others suggested that she is a Jordanian, was killed on the H-3 Freeway last Wednesday night.

Dana Alotaibi was super active on social media platforms including TikTok with over 77K followers and 518.7K likes on the Chinese platform while on her YouTube channel, the self-described artist has more than 81.8K subscribers.

According to her mother Natalia Cespedes, who described feeling ‘so bad’ about the murder, the couple has been married for around 3 years during which her daughter, Dana, documented some of their tumultuous relationship on social media.

Furthermore, KITV reported that Alotaibi’s husband filed for divorce in November 2021 while the uncontested divorce was granted last month.

Various reactions emerged online where people shared their condolences and sympathized with the case of Dana Alotaibi after being stabbed to death at the hands of her 29-year-old husband.

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