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Warn India deaths may double in coming weeks | COVID-19 forecasters

May 6, 20210 Comments

New Delhi: The coronavirus wave that plunged India into the world’s biggest health crisis has the potential to worsen in the coming weeks, with some research models projecting that the death toll could more than double from current levels.

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Philippines officially lifts ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait

April 18, 20210 Comments

The Philippines officially announced lifting of ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait. A circular was issued by Nasser Mustafa, the labor attaché at the Philippine embassy in Kuwait addressing the recruitment offices in the country to reopen the doors for the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers based on the instructions of the Philippine Labor Minister Silvester H Bello III.

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Rich became richer in the COVID pandemic

April 17, 20210 Comments

A report released by Oxfam International, a UK-based charity, said the pandemic hurt people living in poverty more than the rich. The most severely affected are women, Black people, African-descendants, Indigenous peoples, and historically marginalised and oppressed communities around the world, the report said.

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Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Telegram blocked till 3pm – Pakistan

April 16, 20210 Comments

“It is requested that immediate action may be taken on the subject matter,” the ministry directed the PTA chairman.

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It is time to leave Afghanistan

April 15, 20210 Comments

President Joe Biden announced it’s “time to end” America’s longest war with the unconditional withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, where they have spent two decades in a bloody, increasingly futile battle against the Taleban. Dubbed the “forever war,” the US military onslaught in Afghanistan began in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

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Flights Reservations open for Kuwaitis along with domestic workers

May 30, 20200 Comments

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said Saturday that Kuwaiti nationals, their first-degree relatives, as well as accompanying nannies and house workers will be allowed to book flights back to the country.

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Saudi Arabia announced, Eid Al-Fitr will start on Sunday

May 22, 20200 Comments

The KSA moon sighting committee announced that the crescent moon was not sighted in the skies of the KSA, hence Saturday will be the 30th of Ramadan.

Eid will be on Sunday.

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About Kuwait and facts in Urdu/Hindi Languages

May 19, 20200 Comments

About Kuwait in Urdu/Hindi Languages

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75 pregnant women leave for India on one single flight

May 16, 20200 Comments

Dubai: Seventy five pregnant women left Dubai for Kochi on one single flight on Saturday, as the second phase of coronavirus repatriation flights got underway.

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World’s largest evacuation begins of 1.8 Million Indians

May 5, 20200 Comments

India will deploy commercial jets, military transport planes and naval warships to bring back hundreds of thousands of citizens stranded across the world, in what’s set to be the biggest-ever peacetime repatriation exercise in history.

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