Mother killed her child in Kuwait

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Mother killed her child in Kuwait

More details on the mother who killed her son:
The reasoning behind the murder as he was a very naughty child and he died from the excessive beating.
She kept his body in a room for 3 months until the end of May and kept cleaning the room and the surrounding with cleaning products to prevent bad odors from exposing her crime. She then asked her elder son to dispose of him in between the rubble after wrapping him in a piece of clothing.

The Ministry of Interior stated that a decomposed body of a child was found buried deliberately by the killer in the West Abdullah Al Mubarak area. Earlier a missing report was filed about the child. As per the sources it was the mother who killed the child in February, she kept the body in her residence for 5 days and filed a missing report. 

The mother who killed her son in West Abdullah Al Mubarak area admitted her 10 years long drug addiction. In a statement, she said “I used to spend whatever money I get on drugs, I got married multiple times and gave birth to 4 children from 3 different men)

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