Zain Strategic Partner of VO to empower youth talents

November 2, 20220 Comments

Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced a strategic partnership with VO, the first Kuwait-based integrated youth platform for incubating young talents, aiming towards scaling the impact of youth initiatives developed and executed by the non-profit incubator.

The announcement came during the press conference held at the VO Creative Hub in Ardiya, attended by Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Relations Department Manager Hamad Al Musaibeeh and VO Public Relations Director Ahmad Al Suwailem. The strategic partnership includes offering a series of talent-based projects that are exclusively catered towards Kuwaiti youth in areas such as sports, entertainment, and academic master classes.

Five VO projects are now part of the agreement: Ferjan League, Athletes Life, Alwan Ya3rub, Extreme Sports, and VO i. Commenting on the partnership, Riham Al Ayyar, CEO of VO Kuwait said: “This partnership is a game changer for Kuwaiti youth given the objectives behind our joint efforts. By working closely together with Zain, VO will provide result-oriented and tangible programs for Kuwaitis to not only unleash their existing talents but to develop their talents and benefit our country’s global economic position in many areas.” Al Al Ayyar continued: “There are many initiatives and projects between various sectors taking place to support and empower youth in Kuwait.

However, more is needed, and we look forward to similar partnerships with responsible companies such as Zain and others.” Al Ayyar concluded by saying: “We see great power in collaborative efforts, particularly with the private sector and responsible companies who invest in youth. Swaying the road for Kuwaiti youth to conquer their future will start-off from a strategic investment by the private sector in them.

Zain’s efforts and collaboration with entities that nurture youth reflects our similar approach towards capitalizing on Kuwait’s gifts and hidden talents to diversify our nation’s economy, and position Kuwait on the global economic map.” During the press conference, Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Relations Department Manager Hamad Al Musaibeeh said: “We’re thrilled today to announce our collaboration with VO to further expand our strategic partnership ecosystem with various local institutions and community groups that aim at empowering and nurturing Kuwaiti youth.” Al Musaibeeh added: “By supporting this unique platform, Zain seeks to offer a suitable environment for young people to express their ambitions, passions, and aspirations. We also want to empower the youth to prepare them for their future careers, because we strongly believe in the role they play in building the nation’s future and progressing its economy.” Al Musaibeeh concluded: “Zain has a comprehensive corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy that centers around actively participating in the most vibrant sectors within the community, most importantly education, youth, and innovation. We always seek to shoulder any entity that embraces young people and works to develop their skills, ultimately empowering them to enter the business world and contribute to progressing the socio-economic scene in the nation.” VO Public Relations Director Ahmad Al Suwailem said: “Zain strategically invests in youth and shares a similar vision and values towards Kuwaiti youth as VO. We are proud to be partnering with the responsible company to continue nurturing our nation’s gifts.”

The strategic partnership between Zain and VO features the third season of Ferjan League, a competition for football amateurs, gathering over 200 players via 16 teams at Hasan Abul Sports Center in Dasma. The initiative targets enthusiasts and non-pro players, encouraging them to enjoy the sport they love within an organized and pro setting. The partnership also includes Athletes Life, a program hosted by Kuwaiti media personality Abdulaziz Al Mutawa. Through the program, Abdulaziz meets with many Kuwaiti athletes, following their daily routines and adventures to highlight their sports achievements and share tips about healthy eating, active lifestyles, and how to excel in different sports. Zain and VO’s partnership also presents the second season of the popular course “Alwan Ya3rub”, presented by Kuwaiti TV Director Yarub Borhama. The course takes participants in a unique experience to learn about TV and movie directing and production, as well as develop essential arts skills like acting, singing, playing instruments, screenwriting, and more. One of the partnership’s unique projects is “DOOS – Extreme Sports”, a program that highlights young Kuwaiti talents that excel in extreme sports, aiming to encourage the youth to follow their dreams and sports aspirations no matter how hard they may be.

The program also showcases stories of local female talents in extreme sports, which is a field usually dominated by men. The partnership also presents VO i, a series of academic courses, training workshops, and masterclasses that develop various business and leadership skills within the youth. VO i’s unique programs will seek to discover the hidden talents of every participant and work on nurturing them to present the next generation of Kuwaiti leaders. VO is a Kuwait-based integrated youth platform for incubating young talents. The platform was founded in July 2020 to empower local talents and position them in the global market. VO provides Kuwaiti youth with innovative avenues for developing and exhibiting their talents to the international community. The platform includes a talent development academic program, multiple all-inclusive studios, and a seamless, high-tech and efficient mobile application. Zain is keen on playing a vital role as an integrated digital service provider in light of the rapid digital changes witnessed by the modern world. The company always seeks to reach new levels of excellence with its customers through offering the best innovative services, meeting their needs and aspirations, as well as supporting programs and initiatives that embrace innovation and aim at developing the youth.

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