A new brand; to make you up in Kuwait

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Young, talented and motivated, Shayma Bakhesh is leading the way as a female entrepreneur in Kuwait. With the exclusive rights to the brand Fashion Fair Cosmetics – Bakhesh is a definite name to remember. A female Kuwaiti with many accomplishments, she is definitely taking the make-up world by storm. Bakhesh had her early beginnings as a pharmacist working in her native home of Kuwait after 7 years of post-secondary and graduate studies in the United Kingdom. Well versed in the world of pharmaceuticals, Bakhesh knew she had more to discover and began a career in brand management. While working in brand management (again in Kuwait), she started to recognize her passion for fashion and beauty.062ec484-f946-482e-ba97-c43ac0fdbba3

Bakhesh is an inspiration to women all over Kuwait. She embodies what women aspire to be and engages women she meets to embrace their beauty regardless of who they are. With her brand Fashion Fair Cosmetics in Kuwait- Kuwaiti women and women all over the GCC are able to find make-up that suits their needs. Fashion Fair Cosmetics is not a new brand on the market yet in Kuwait it is still in the infancy stages; with so much room to grow!

Fashion Fair Cosmetics was born in 1973, named after the fashion show that inspired it. With its feminine pink packaging and a wide range of shades, Fashion Fair Cosmetics was strategically marketed in high-end department stores. The line continued to expand by introducing skin care, fragrance and hair care products that addressed Black women’s needs. Almost 40 years after the first counter opened, Fashion Fair Cosmetics continues to pursue its vision to become the preeminent global company that women of color trust to help them look and feel beautiful.

b0740a09-9064-4ab2-b16f-29155bc0eee4Why bring this brand to Kuwait I asked Bakhesh. She calmly answered with confidence and a passion for what she does, that women in Kuwait did not have sufficient colors to meet their skin tones and decided that she knew that something needed to be done to embrace the beauty of the women living in the GCC. 4 months ago, Fashion Fair Cosmetics launched in Kuwait and has been embraced by women all over the GCC. Bakhesh has quickly realized that the once aim of Fashion Fair is also the case in Kuwait and the GCC. Women in this region have darker skin tones and need the right make-up shades to feel beautiful.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics is available at VaVaVoom and Harvey Nichols at The Avenues Mall and Fashion Fair Cosmetics has every solution to smooth your skin needs! The brand is known globally as the “makeup of choice” for women of color, and their options are indeed gloriously vast. With over 120 different shades ranging from the lightest to the deepest hues of brown. Boasting an impressive celebrity clientele including Jennifer Hudson, President Barack Obama and Keke Palmer, this brand has been deemed a favorite by many. Fashion Fair Cosmetics is also available on-line shopping web-sites also in Kuwait such as Boutiqaat.comdeb0a7ce-a5c2-4808-b77d-569844413df8

From brand management to her own brand in Kuwait, Bakhesh understands the needs of women in the GCC. Not only does she strive to make her brand a foundation in Kuwait yet she works tirelessly to help others create their best life as well. She is a mentor to young women in the GCC and continues to collaborate with other brands as well. Collaboration is something that Bakhesh values and understands. It is obvious that Bakhesh knows her market and understands the value of doing business in her native country and embracing women’s beauty in the GCC.

Follow Fashion Fair on Instagram at @fashionfairkwt or for more information, drop a line to Shayma Bakhesh at [email protected]

By: Natasha E. Feghali

Natasha E. Feghali
[email protected]
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