A new start-up in; KUWAIT REPUBLIC

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KUWAIT REPUBLIC. An on-line apparel  boutique for Kuwait. Designs are created in Kuwait. Shop with us @kuwaitrepublic, by email at [email protected] or via phone/text at #65087644. Don’t forget to hashtag us at #kuwaitrepublic


Kuwait is the home of everything new, multi-cultural and of course glam! When it comes to fashion, Kuwait knows how to flex its muscle as both women and men dress to impress. It is impressive to watch the trends change as well as new designer’s start-up their brand. Recently a new brand called KUWAIT REPUBLIC. has started a trend for Kuwait. It is Kuwait based apparel made in Kuwait. The team of collaborators has created designs for Kuwait. Seeing that the demand was there and that there is no platform in Kuwait for this kind of apparel, the team put their creativity together and began their own start-up.

“We knew that there was something missing and felt it was our time to start something that promoted our love for Kuwait” said Allen the teams lead media specialist. In Kuwait we find many brands and labels however it seems that there is nothing that is only Kuwait based. We see these types of designs all over the world that promote and represent your city, state or country. However there was nothing that was only about Kuwait.kuwait-republic-natasha-fashion-3

“So many people call Kuwait home and feel a deep sense of pride” explains Sondos the lead print maker for the brand and has been in Kuwait for over 10 yrs. “Whether I am a Kuwaiti or not does not mean that this is not my home” says Allen, “my children were born here and my family and I live in Kuwait in peace.”

The brand is a new start-up that is still working to grow and prosper. Thus far, the brand has experienced positive feedback and is growing in popularity amongst those in Kuwait and abroad.


Orders are coming in from across the globe and as far as Canada. For customers new and returning, who wish to make a purchase from KUWAIT REPUBLIC. and follow the brands social media account, they are invited to add @kuwaitrepublic to their Instagram follow list for all updates, promotions and  new apparel purchases.

By: Natasha E. Feghali

Natasha E. Feghali
[email protected]
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