Medical test each time on renewal of residency

November 8, 20160 Comments

Subsequent to the recent decision requiring domestic workers to undergo medical test each time they renew their residency, the Expatriate Workers Medical Service Center has been witness to a large number of visitors.


Many of them voiced dissatisfaction on the unprecedented anarchy and congestion saying the decision has compelled domestic workers to visit the medical service center almost at the same time. They added the medical test procedures are extensive and continue for many days to be achieved.

They lamented the crowd went beyond the premises and surrounding area and without parking area to contain the large number of vehicles, indicating many cars were parked on pavements while others were left on the road.

Sponsors accompanying their domestic workers for medical test also expressed anger on the new conditions, which they described as chaotic and hindrance to work. In another development, medical sources have thrown the ball in the arena of the Ministry of Interior, saying the decision of medical test for domestic workers is misunderstood.

They added that some domestic workers suppose the period of medical test is one month only starting from the date of issuing the decision on Oct 18. “This has contributed to overcrowding at the medical center since many domestic workers thought they’d miss the chance to undergo medical test after the aforementioned date”, they noted.

Source : Arabtimes

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