7 women and an Asian man arrested

November 9, 20160 Comments

Patrol team from the aforementioned command apprehended 7 women with an Asian man for violating residency law.


They were arrested inside a taxi after arousing suspicion of the officers. Statement added the driver was ordered to pull over for checking and the officers discovered the passengers had absconded from their sponsors. They were referred to the relevant authorities for necessary action.

Detectives from Residency Affairs Department arrested a gang of four Indians for manufacturing alcohol and confiscated 261 bottles of ready-made liquor from their possession. General Department of Public Relations and Media Security disclosed that the officers got wind of the activities of the gang in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and gathered necessary information to ascertain authenticity of the report before conducting the raid.

Guarded with search and arrest warrant from the Public Prosecution, the officers pursued the suspects holding Articles 17 and 18 visas respectively, except for the fourth suspect who could not provide any form of identification. They confessed their products were usually taken to abandoned vehicles and sold in the open.

Source : Arabtimes

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