Crime rate in Kuwait

November 9, 20160 Comments

Although the expatriates outnumber Kuwaitis, statistics issued by the concerned authority says the Kuwaitis outnumber expatriates in the crime rate, reports Al-Shahed daily.


The statistics show 10,929 crimes were committed by Kuwaitis, 2,621 by Egyptians, 1,803 by bedoun, 1,131 by Indians, the Syrians came in the fifth place with 1,006, Saudis 860, Bangladeshis 502, Sri Lankans 193, Filipinos 343, Jordanians 232 and the Pakistanis 296, the Iranians 234, Lebanese 233, Iraqis 165 and 1,580 by other nationalities.

The total number of crimes committed so far this year 22,740, less 1,000 compared to last year.

Source : Arabtimes


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