8,004 illegal residents

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Since 2011 until end of August 2016, some 8,004 illegal residents have adjusted their status in Kuwait, said the Central Agency for Illegal Residents Affairs here on Saturday.

Head of the status adjustment department of the apparatus Colonel Mohammad Al- Wohaib told KUNA that 5,578 illegal residents have adjusted their status and reverted back to their Saudi nationality, 895 to the Iraqi and 810 to the Syrian.

He added that 85 persons reverted back to the Iranian nationality, 49 to the Jordanian and 596 to other nationalities. He called on illegal residents, who are yet to adjust their status in the country, to visit the headquarters of the central apparatus to do the necessary measures needed.

Al-Wohaib affirmed that those complying with the law will be given residency visas which could be renewed every five years in addition to healthcare, education and ration cards.

Other privileges such as priority in employment after Kuwaiti nationals and facilitating procedures for obtaining driving licenses will also apply upon adjustment of their status, said the official.

Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced on Saturday it has initiated talks with Canada to manufacture and supply six world-class naval boats to be added to the existing marine ambulance fleet. Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Support Services in the ministry Dr Jamal Al-Harbi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the manufacturing of the boats would not take more than a year and a half.

Al-Harbi added that the ministry is also keen to translate its plans into reality in accordance with its developmental strategy, pointing to the attention and care given by the Board of Undersecretaries to support and promote the modernization and development of the maritime fleet of ambulances and to provide manpower in accordance with the plan.

He explained that the plan to strengthen and develop the fleet is divided into two phases; the first deals with training 60 paramedics and medical technicians on maritime rescue cooperation, while the second phase will be devoted to manufacturing and supplying marine boats according to specific sizes of no less than 15 meters to accommodate cases of intensive care. he noted that the number of beds in each boat ranges from two to four beds.

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