WAMD – Send money by phone number in Kuwait

July 5, 20240 Comments

Banks in Kuwait started a new and easy way to send and receive money called WAMD.


WAMD means “Flash” in Arabic. This service lets you send or receive money quickly using the phone number of the receiver (beneficiary).

Just open your mobile banking app, choose to send or request money with WAMD, type in the amount and the person’s phone number and money transferred, and both parties will be notified by SMS as well.

It is required that both persons (sender and receiver) should be registered in WAMD. It is easy, just register the WAMD via your bank app, enter your phone number, get the OTP and you are registered to use this service.

There are limits on how much you can transfer. The smallest amount you can send is 1 KD, and the most you can send in one transaction is 1,000 KD. You can also send up to 3,000 KD per day and 20,000 KD per month.

Thanks to Kuwait and K-net for providing such services.

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