Vaccination Certificate must be updated before travel

April 17, 20220 Comments

The Ministry of Health has called on citizens and residents who renew their passports to contact the WhatsApp number 0096524971010, in order to update their data on vaccination certificates to avoid problems when traveling abroad.

According to Al Qabas, the designated WhatsApp number is currently receiving quite a few inquiries regarding those who have recently replaced or renewed their passport, with the aim of adding the new passport number to the vaccination certificates, so that the passport number matches the passport number on the vaccination certificate, indicating that this contributes to entry and exit.

MOI pointed out that the required documents are a copy of the new passport, and copies of the vaccinations from the Immunization application, which will need to be sent to the WhatsApp number, without the need to go to the vaccination center in Mishref, where the vaccination certificate data is modified with the new passport number within a short period of time using the WhatsApp service.

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