To eat or not to eat

October 4, 20160 Comments

                A beautiful woman with a calm and nurturing presence met me for a coffee and a quick meeting about her business in Kuwait.

may-algharaballyMay AlGharabally a vibrant Kuwaiti Certified Health Coach has a plan that will suit your needs. When AlGharabally met me I was delighted. She comes with a plethora of knowledge and has so much to offer her clients. She speaks softly yet knows her work and is a passionate leader. “If my client only eats once a day, then I will work with them to create the best meal plan for them. Add some snacks and suit their needs” says AlGharabally. She will customize your meal plans, follow your health journey as well as she knows what it is like to struggle with weight and not making the best choices for your body.

“I too struggled after having 4 children and it is not easy to lose weight and maintain it” says AlGharabally. Her program is very different than the other programs in Kuwait as well as any that I have seen. She works as a health coach and not a trainer. Her program has many different outlets for her clients to feel safe and secure with her and create lasting health goals and change in their lives. “When I was in college, I put on some weight like many do” she adds “I created a few different programs and it is a lifestyle more than anything. I follow up with my clients, I work with them. I am there the whole time” says AlGharabally.

Her programs are excellent for working clients, stay at home parents, busy lifestyles and more. The best part is AlGharabally’s calmness and poise. She brings a sense of peace while you are talking to her. It is an incredible feeling and as she is explaining her programs, you are aware that she knows her stuff! Well versed in her work, AlGharabally is creating a new path towards nutrition and lifestyle that no other has seen in Kuwait. She can prepare a program for anyone and the best part is her availability to her clients.may-algharabally-a

We also discussed children and the growing obesity rates amongst children globally. AlGharabally has shared many tips with her clients and looks to create change amongst childhood obesity one family at a time. She shared that clients always ask about their children and how parents can set the example for their families. “I tell my clients to first model the behaviour that you wish to see” says AlGharabally “and then you will notice a change in your children and family. It all starts with you!”

May AlGharabally is a certified health coach with so much to offer her clients it is worth it to try. To follow May AlGharabally certified Health Coach, you can check out her Instagram @mayalgharabally

By: Natasha E. Feghali

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