6,127 expats terminated; 1,840 more to be terminated

April 28, 20211 Comment

The Civil Service Commission terminated  6,127 expats working in government ministries and agencies within the framework of Kuwaitization plan, by end of this year total termination will be 7,970.

The director in charge of jobs department  Aisha Al-Mutawa stated that the services of 6,127 expats were terminated in the first three years of the replacement plan which was approved in the year 2017, she further stated that 1,840 expats will be terminated this year.

Al Mutawa said that Kuwaiti employed in government agencies affiliated with CSC apart from the military, judiciary and oil sector are 308,000 Kuwaitis whereas 71,000 are expats from these 31,000 are working in the Ministry of Health and 24,000 are working in the Ministry of Education. 6,000 are working as service jobs and others as correspondences, delegates or drivers.

Source : Arabtimes

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