Cancellation of ‘no work permit renewal’ decision for 60s ruled out; KD 1,000 fee, high insurance on table

June 19, 20210 Comments

Since the beginning of the year, there have been continuous calls to reconsider the decision to bar the renewal of work permits for expatriates who are aged 60 and above, and hold high school certificate and below. It seems these calls are about to bear fruit.

After a long wait, informed sources revealed that the team commissioned by the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman to review the decision, finished its work and submitted the draft amendment to the minister.They indicated it is expected to be announced in the course of next week.

The sources said, “The amendment allows this category of expatriates to renew their work permit at a reduced fee for issuance of the permit from KD 2,000, according to previous proposals, to KD 1,000 and with the requirement for a health insurance document from a private hospital with premium not less than KD 700.” They ruled out the cancellation of the decision, especially since the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) began its implementation from the beginning of the year and is adhering to it.

They indicated that the decision is ultimately in the hands of the minister and according to what he deems appropriate. In parallel, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji submitted a proposal to reconsider the decision after studying the results of its implementation in the past six months, and to work on amending it, taking into account the application of special conditions for each expatriate who has reached the age of 60 years and wishes to renew the work permit regardless of his educational qualification. These special conditions include increase in the renewal fees, imposition of private health insurance, and the expatriate’s pledge not to visit health centers and government hospitals except those who pay the high fees that apply to visitors, and receive treatment like a patient who does not hold a government health insurance that authorizes him to be treated in the government health sector.

Source : Arabtimes

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