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September 25, 20161 Comment

Noor AlObaid is a young Kuwaiti with so much to offer her country; it is amazing! She is like no other young woman I have met in Kuwait.


It was my absolute delight to interview AlObaid and, I now call her my friend as well. She has the spirit that we can all admire and, her work in Kuwait, and passion to help others is like no other I have seen. She does so much for the community and she inspires other young women in so many ways. “I believe it is important to give back to the community” says AlObaid. Currently studying in the United Kingdom, AlObaid has not forgotten her roots in Kuwait and definitely continues her work with her non-profit organization Bake and Educate. bake-and-educate-kuwait-4You might not know that the founder, Noor Al-Obaid was awarded by the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs for starting an NGO (non-governmental organization) when she was only 14 years old, making her the youngest person to ever win such an award here. Kuwait Times wanted to know more about this selfless youth, who, moved by a 21-page-long list of needy kids, started her charity bakery Bake and Educate.

AlObaid strives to help people achieve their best potential through her charitable organization where her mission is to help others. AlObaid has a stellar non-profit, where she helps raise awareness and support students in Kuwait whose families cannot cover their tuition fees.


AlObaid has worked tirelessly to create and maintain a non-profit that helps everyone in Kuwait. She gives back to her community in so many ways! At first, you will think that Bake and Educate is just a regular sweets project, another Instagram business that sells cakes, pies, cupcakes and chocolate. But behind the sweet exterior is a hardcore charity with a passion for educating underprivileged children in Kuwait.

I first met AlObaid before coming to Kuwait as I saw all that she was doing on-line for her community. She is a motivated young woman and knows what she wants out of life. Even in the UK she continues to promote her culture and heritage with events that showcase the GCC at her school campus. She does so much for the Kuwaiti community in Kuwait and abroad. “I believe in the future of Kuwait. It is my home and country and I know we can do so much to continue to make it great” says AlObaid. “We are many to study abroad and we are proud to share our culture.”

AlObaid embodies what we are looking for in our young Kuwaiti women for the 21st Century. Although they say that Millennial have bad persona, AlObaid breaks that image and creates one of drive, motivation and success! She sets the example for her peers!

By: Natasha E. Feghali

By: Natasha E. Feghali

Natasha E. Feghali
[email protected]
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