Tour of Arab Organisations Headquarters

September 30, 20151 Comment

arab organisation headquarter kuwait upto date kuwaituptodate kuwaitup2date 1Alongside the Grand Mosque – which I’ve yet to visit – the Arab Organisations Headquarters is often listed as another ‘must-see’ cultural spot in Kuwait. I visited this at the weekend, as part of a guided tour organised by the AWARE Centre.

The tour promised architecture and traditional artisan craftsmanship from Tunisia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt and contributions from Kuwaiti designers… And it certainly delivered.

It’s certainly an imposing building and I had to stand back as far as I could go in order to get it within camera shot. One thing to note is that the general public can’t just walk in – you need to come as part of a guided tour. Unless, of course, you have wasta!

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There are lots of pictures dotted around the entire building. These don’t feel especially themed, so some you may like more than others. This sea scene particularly interested me – especially as it rather randomly includes what appear to be hypodermic needles at the bottom!

arab organisation headquarter kuwait upto date kuwaituptodate kuwaitup2date 3

The Multi-functional Conference Hall is particularly impressive. When you think of some of the people who have been and will be in the room, it’s quite something to be there.

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This is my personal favourite painting at the venue. Those eyes demand your attention. It’s clearly a contemporary painting and typifies the mixture of the old and the new within the building.
arab organisation headquarter kuwait upto date kuwaituptodate kuwaitup2date 5

This is quite some place for a Diwaniya and is just one of the many impressive rooms I viewed. I believe the building and fittings cost around KWD 30 million – excluding the antiques within. However, many millions worth of items were looted during the war.

I thoroughly recommend joining up with a tour if you can. It’s a really good couple of hours well spent. And you even get free tea and biscuits halfway through! If you’re new to Kuwait and could do with some guidance, I’d also recommend contacting the AWARE Centre. You can find out what they offer here: The Arab Organisations Headquarters’ website address is:

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