It is not about 500 fils

June 30, 201522 Comments

Few weeks ago,
I had read an article trending on social media regarding the trolley mafia in Kuwait Airport.  It’s not about 500/-fils, it’s about cheating, but the truth is something else, there is no Trolley Mafia there.

To know the truth, I had personally spoken to the Passenger luggage Trolley Service department and they revealed the truth. The truth was:
If a passenger need to use a trolley it’s absolutely free but in case if the passenger require a porter service from the departure bridge until the scanning machine he/she have to pay the service charge of 500/-fils.

The porter working inside the checking premise are authorized porter by the airport. Incase you need the porters help from the scanning machine to the checking counter it’s absolutely free you don’t have to pay them anything, it’s your wish if you want to pay them a tip but the trolley is for FREE.

IF you don’t want to pay, don’t take the porter assistance

written by Shaheen Sayyed
[email protected]

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  4. I want to know about luggage wrapping bills per one there any chance to from? Please give clarity.

  5. You do not experience of Bangalies on the airport

  6. I think u did not face the problem. In my case, as soon as I touched a trolly one porter standing near by came and asked 500 fills to me. Showing me the half of the sentence. I denied strongly but that porter tried to misbehave with me. As soon as I reported the matter to the authority that porter vanished. These mafia can't take chance with the educated nd aware people. As we can read understand nd know our rights. I saw and heard also later that these mafia or a few porter takes money forcefully from the south Asians mainly who can't read or know the rules or right. I just shared my experience.nothing to say much bout others experience or opinion. Thank u

  7. Its not a 100% true statement.u r right till the scanning area.The problem starts AFTER the scanning area.After the scanning area the porters wont give u trolley without giving half KD.Before few years no receipt were given for this.But now they have started issuing receipt also for the half KD.But if insist them to accompany till the counter, they do assist.BUT….. no half KD, No trolley n u have to carry all ur luggage by hand

  8. Everybody is just posting comments. No one knows what has to be done about the whole affair, which is wrong. Can anyone suggest what can be done to get these guys to justice ??

  9. Rafat Khan says:

    Absolutely true. But, alas, that's not the way it works. I had the misfortune of being in such a situation when I took the luggage from the X-Ray and on to the queue for the check-in counter – by myself. The porter came up to me and asked for money i.e. 500 fils. And, as rightly said, IT IS NOT ABOUT 500 FILS, but, about the principle. I explained to the porter that I am using the trolley myself and therefore, not liable to pay.
    To my utter surprise, the policeman sitting on the monitor of the X-ray machine and watching us, called me and said that I should take the money from him (the policeman) and give it to the porter if I dont have; and went on to ask me – what is 500 fils? All my efforts to explain to the policeman that it is not about the amount of money blah blah; were met with a scorn on the face of the policeman and the porters' gang too!

  10. "TRUTH" is, when you proceed to the scanning or to the check-in baggage area, porters are standing inside, along the way, and takes over the pushing of the trolley forcefully from you even if you don't ask them to, then asks you to give them 500 fils for it. YES, it's not about the 500 fils… but it's all about the porters forcing the people to hand the trolley with the luggages in it to the point of actually molesting the passengers already! Had I not stood my ground and meddled with them, they would have done so. "AND THIS IS BASED ON MINE AND MY FRIENDS PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, LATELY."

  11. Dear SHahin may be your beauty and glamour. That's why they didn't take any money from you. for us they give one ticket and they will take 0.500fills to each everybody. Go and try next time ….. Betterluck.

  12. This above article originally created by me and i have published on AymanMat and others…
    I have personally faced this issue then i took the picture of this hording just behind them.
    Dear Shaheen Sayyed – Try to go to inside section it is not at Kuwait airways section it is inside where emirates, jet airways etc airways check-in counter there.
    Guys please be careful and when you don't use there service don't pay them. and have a safe Journey (y)
    Together We Can !!

  13. Zariya Fath You are right. they are taking money forcefully, also their insisting us to wrap luggage. the boarding officers also supporting them.

  14. My stay in Kuwait
    From the day i waz Born
    In 1965 Farwaniyah/ (Dougha Old) And the Day i Left Kuwait on 31st May 2007 By the time Airport Services were provided
    This -/500 Half KD Trolly Along With A Porter service was THE BEST ONE IN THE WORLD , And if u don't Want Porter The Trolly is FREE TO USE BY U. I M WITNESS TO THAT TILL TODAY
    Ya KUWAiT AL Habibah

  15. Good inform
    Me allso one taim fight with portal bcoz chit with me

  16. Writer, your article and observations are totally wrong. Please go to Kuwait airport with two luggage, at first, service man before the scanning machine will lift your luggage into the scanning machine. Then another service person will take out your luggage from the scanning machine and put on the trolley. Then another service person near by with bundle of duplicate tickets(if you call the phone number which is available in the ticket, it will not work…you just check), will come to you and ask for 500 fils for the trolley. If you ask that it is written in the trolley"Free of cost if without porter service", then the gang of 4 to 5 porters will surround you to fight with or use unprofessional words or sometime they will start to kick also. I fought with them two times before, but they refuse to give the trolley. I pull my luggage upto the check-in counter without trolley. If you can, please solve this problem…

  17. you are absolutely right

  18. Yes this is absolutely correct …i too experienced the same… This is how it is … This must be changed … Yes it is not about giving 500fils … Its that the way they forcefully lie and take that money…

  19. The "truth" that you have found out is irrelevant as that was not the issue. When entering the airport till the security scan, there is no issue with the trolleys as there are plenty.
    The main issue of the article was that the porter charges the traveler after the scanning of the luggage is done. They tell you that if you want to use the trolley you have to pay 500 fils (thru personal experience).
    Once the security scan is over, a porter unloads your luggage to a trolley and a man gives you a ticket saying you have to pay for using the trolley.

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