We call her maid

April 3, 20166 Comments

A poor village woman who has not even seen the town make a decision one day to travel aboard and become the bread winner  of her family due to the cruel play of fate.

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I am eligible to get family visa as Pakistani but ..

August 15, 201531 Comments

With all due respect, we all follow and understand the policy and law of Kuwait’s Government and the measure steps taken by the country for the security reasons and peace of the country. Continue Reading &raquo

Give construction workers and cleaners an air-conditioned bus

August 7, 20153 Comments


It’s pitiful to see the state of construction workers,labourers and cleaner in the scorching temperatures during the sizzling Kuwait summer. Continue Reading &raquo

They call me Hindi…. What do they call you?

July 17, 20158 Comments

EjLqWUknThey call me Hindi….
What do they call you? Continue Reading &raquo

What is Girgian ?

July 2, 20155 Comments

GirgeangirlGirgian a part of Gulf Region,(Kuwait)Girgian is celebrated during the month of Ramdan Kareem,it is marked on 13th,14th and 15th day of Ramdam. Continue Reading &raquo

It is not about 500 fils

June 30, 201522 Comments

Few weeks ago,
I had read an article trending on social media regarding the trolley mafia in Kuwait Airport.  It’s not about 500/-fils, it’s about cheating, but the truth is something else, there is no Trolley Mafia there. Continue Reading &raquo

No dividing Only Multiplying

June 28, 20153 Comments


No dividing, only Multiplying.
no subtraction, only addition. Continue Reading &raquo

You hold me hand and show me the world “Happy Father’s Day”

June 21, 20152 Comments

Why because of few

June 13, 20156 Comments

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I was just a ATM Machine

December 15, 201418 Comments

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