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Some Decisions for working women in Kuwait

July 14, 20152 Comments

working mum 2Decision to allow women to work at night in sectors such as hotels, pharmacies, offices of attorneys, medical labs, entertainment gardens, children nurseries, medical centers, theaters, cinemas and TV stations and satellites. Continue Reading &raquo

It is not about 500 fils

June 30, 201522 Comments

Few weeks ago,
I had read an article trending on social media regarding the trolley mafia in Kuwait Airport. ┬áIt’s not about 500/-fils, it’s about cheating, but the truth is something else, there is no Trolley Mafia there. Continue Reading &raquo

First Arrival of A330 at Kuwait Airport

June 24, 20151 Comment

Thanks Vaneela for the video

Kuwait agreed to reduce roaming fees

June 10, 20150 Comments

roaming2 Continue Reading &raquo

433 arrested and 27 vehicles seized

May 30, 20150 Comments

M-CC-ImpoundLot Continue Reading &raquo

3 Days grace period to help the violators (Via Arabtimes)

May 23, 20153 Comments

maxresdefault Continue Reading &raquo

60 days grace period for Expats in Kuwait (Via Arabtimes)

May 23, 20153 Comments

amn8 Continue Reading &raquo

Fines for sheltering illegals (Via ArabTimes) , Kuwait

May 21, 20155 Comments

finbbbe Continue Reading &raquo

Women fight in plane

May 15, 20152 Comments

Flight from Kuwait diverted to Dubai air base over bomb warning

May 4, 20152 Comments

hqdefault Continue Reading &raquo

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