Some Decisions for working women in Kuwait

July 14, 20152 Comments

working mum 2Decision to allow women to work at night in sectors such as hotels, pharmacies, offices of attorneys, medical labs, entertainment gardens, children nurseries, medical centers, theaters, cinemas and TV stations and satellites.

Women can work until midnight in banks, restaurants, cooperative societies, educational institutions, saloons, touristic offices, commercial markets and complexes.

Al-Mousa banned employment of men in service sectors related to women clothing, ladies saloons, cosmetics stores, and women health institutes, instructing labor departments not to issue or renew any work permits for men working in these fields.

A decision was also issued to grant female employees two hours during working hours to breastfeed their children, provided they submit the required official documents in this regard.

The employees will lose this right after the breastfeeding children turns two. In addition, female Muslim employees can take fully-paid leave for four months and ten days from the date of their husbands’ demise.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. God i desire to have my second partner now, please show me the way am ready……………..?

  2. I'm happy to hear that men will no longer work in women's cosmetics, clothing stores. I am always very uncomfortable about going into clothing stores and buying womens undergarments.

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