I am eligible to get family visa as Pakistani but ..

August 15, 20150

With all due respect, we all follow and understand the policy and law of Kuwait’s Government and the measure steps taken by the country for the security reasons and peace of the country.

Visa of many countries were banned including Pakistan with all due respect, we can understand the steps taken by the interior ministries, but they must show some Curtsy toward these countries by issuing their family Visa.

While speaking to a Pakistani  national, he express his feelings toward the Kuwait Government he said, thanks to the Government for  giving me such a opportunity to work here in Kuwait, I can only request the interior ministries to re-open our families Visas, according to the Governments requirement. I’m eligible for applying my family visa but because of the ban on it, I can’t bring my family here.

I’m just a writer, I can only express my and others feeling by writing on this issue and hope that the Interior Ministry of Kuwait look forward on this issue and show sympathy towards some nations (including Pakistan) and give their families a chance to munch together and live a happy and prosperous life.

Written by shaheen sayyed
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