Emotions I have towards animals, Kuwait

June 24, 20150

amirabeMay be some people will criticize the emotions I have towards animals in such time were human are being killed, when kids are homeless in the time of war and hunger… you all know that what we are going through in this world is because of a human and because of the devil that is living in us & we are not able to concur .. an animal doesn’t harm us unless we are torturing it or taking away its freedom.. the day I was in the vet waiting for my cat .. 2 guys came in with a trolley and inside that trolley was a dog with no hand, crying from pain the sound is unbearable, his hand was eaten up by another dog.. this is what human do to animals they starve them to enjoy watching their fight. Just go and visit the vet for a day and watch what human are made of … they are practicing their strength on little restless harmless creatures god created.. I have always been on the human and the animal side and will never stop talking about my emotions towards both.. they are gods creation and deserve my defense and emotions as long as I live.

Written by Amira Behbehani

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