Ban on domestic helpers from 12 countries

May 23, 201545 Comments

doestc4b280Head of Kuwait Association for Domestic Workers Bureaus Fadhel Ashkanani affirmed that the association is working on exposing the reasons behind the increasing number of domestic workers entering the country, reports Al-Anba daily.

In a press statement, he stressed that the increased cost of acquiring a domestic helper in Kuwait is because of the deliberate suspension of domestic helpers (housemaids) from more than 12 countries which are Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Madagascar, Congo and India.

Source : ArabTimes

1: Kuwait has frozen the number of expatriates in the country
2: New health insurance system for expatriates in Kuwait
3: Expat Bachelors Removal
4: Medical fees for expats may rise in Kuwait
5: New Medical Tests For Hiring Expats
6: Fines for sheltering illegals (Via ArabTimes) , Kuwait
7: Announced to remove the bachelors from residential areas (Via Arabtimes)

1: Official paid holidays in Kuwait ( Article 68 )
2: Salary Calculation with sick leaves ( Article 69 )
3: 24 consecutive hours rest for employees ( Article 67 )

4: Working hours for ladies in Kuwait ( Article 22 )
5: Paid Maternity Leave ( Article 24 )
6: Kids nursery at work, if female workers +50 and male +200 ( Article 25 )
7: Entitles to 21 days leave with pay to perform Hajj ( Article 76 )
8: 100 days Probation period of the worker, Kuwait ( Article 32 )
9: Accommodation for workers in Kuwait ( Article 34 )

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  1. I hope Philippines will do the same

  2. never thought dat will b a reality….do u hv an idea of how much d maids here are been paid?

  3. Pmsl i doubt anyone from Uk or US would become a house maid your more likely to get nocked out for trying to give them orders lol no one is that despret to wait on richer folks

  4. Nigeria? There is no Nigerian domestic worker in kuwait.

  5. Di nman sinusunod yan..

  6. Omg ! Ban din ang nepal ?

  7. Now srilanka government increase the salary for domestic servant upto 150 kd plus 3000 thousand kd deposit

  8. Why they did not ban All Philippines nationalit .
    I fuck this rools

  9. Interesting and good news .

  10. Good news kong to top ad sila sa contrata..

  11. Good news kong to top ad sila sa contrata..

  12. Wow good news yan a,,

  13. Wow good news yan a,,

  14. It's was good I have Kuwait update to know what news in Kuwait news

  15. Through out Bangladesh phillipines worker in Kuwait.
    Better after … safe Kuwaiti youngers

  16. Nuon p ang law n yan pro hnd ntutupad lalo n pg kuwaiti ang amo.

  17. Good news thanks for information.

  18. The headingg of this news is very misleading….maybe that is why most did not understand the article….
    as how i understood it,,,, the ministry just stated the reason WHY there is an increase of domestic helpers coming to kuwait….. and why the COST (halaga)…of acquiring to get a dh is expensive….because they HAD banned…. meaning this 12 countries are banned ever since….and which country has the highest paid fees to get a dh?…Phillipines of course….so…if ever they wl lift the ban on these countries… may or may not lower the fees to acquire dh from philippines…. because they already have competition…which has the lower fees.

  19. All Philippines national they are happy about this new law. Finally i hope all companies follow this rules. Good luck all pilipino workers in this country.

  20. Atleast from now on people can do thr own work themselves..

  21. I don't think it's a good news for pinoy..

  22. I don't think it's a good news for pinoy..

  23. Neo Neo says:

    And planning to bring house mades frm USA UK & France?

  24. sri lanka d nbnggit ibig sabihin d cla nka ban.pde p cla makapasok sa kuwait

  25. Ibig sabhin nito pinoy na lahat ang mkapasok sa kuwait.

  26. Goodnews for pinoys badnews for the rest.

  27. Happy aq sana matupad

  28. I want to know more,,,

  29. its too late but never mind its comes NOW

  30. its too late but never mind its comes NOW

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