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Cost of hiring domestic workers

March 26, 20180 Comments

The committee set up by the government to review the cost of hiring domestic workers, and study the hindrances facing Al-Durra Company has submitted some recommendations to the Council of Ministers, reports Al- Rai daily.

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Domestic workers below 21, above 60 not allowed

December 18, 20170 Comments

Head of Domestic Sector at the General Residency Affairs Department Muhammad Al-Ajmi disclosed the total number of registered domestic workers in the country is currently 669,000, pointing to one domestic worker per two citizens.

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Term ‘domestic workers’ instead of calling them ‘housemaids.’

November 28, 20170 Comments

Kuwait Society for Human Rights is baffled by the inhumane terms being used to refer to expatriates in the country, such as ‘servants’ and ‘housemaids;’ indicating these are derogatory terms and the international human rights organizations uses the term ‘domestic workers’ instead of calling them ‘housemaids.’

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Ban lifted on Indian Maids

September 17, 20170 Comments

The ban has been lifted on the female Indian domestic workers and according to public relations department, sponsors will be able to hire domestic workers coming from India.

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We call her maid

April 3, 20166 Comments

A poor village woman who has not even seen the town make a decision one day to travel aboard and become the bread winner  of her family due to the cruel play of fate.

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Ban on domestic helpers from 12 countries

May 23, 201545 Comments

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Kuwait to set up company to recruit maids

May 13, 20152 Comments

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64 Indian Female Workers Transferred to Shelter in Kuwait

January 12, 201510 Comments

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Attestation suspended of Bank Guarantee for “Indian Domestic Workers” In Kuwait

January 1, 20156 Comments

The Embassy of India in Kuwait after discussions with the Kuwaiti authorities has agreed to suspend the equivalent of KD 720 bank guarantee which was required from sponsors in Kuwait to bring a female domestic worker from India.

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Ministries are coordinating to prepare a memo for banning recruitment of workers from India because of the restrictions imposed by the Indian government for hiring Indian domestic personnel.

December 23, 20144 Comments

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