Kuwait to set up company to recruit maids

May 13, 20152 Comments

bimage_3745The Kuwait government intends to replace a large number of recruitment offices with one company aimed solely at recruiting housemaids, it was reported on Tuesday. Ahmad Lari, a member of the National Assembly’s financial and economic affairs committee, told the Kuwait Times that official bodies including the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and the ministries of interior, social affairs, labour and health, have supported the committee’s proposal to set up a government-backed company to cut costs. Under the proposals, stakes in the proposed company will be distributed among those bodies. KIA is expected to take a 10 percent stake, the newspaper said, while Kuwait citizens will also be allowed to subscribe to a portion of the shares. The company will aim to improve the process of recruiting maids from abroad at a reasonable cost and branches will be opened at various workers’ cooperatives across the kingdom.

Source : ArabianBusiness

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  1. Kaori Cole says:

    I don't understand why many Arab nation family need maid? Especially why mothers can't take care of own children's herself? I'm Japanese and my country is second richest country in the world. But we all take care of our family and deeply involved children's life. And most of us work outside of home. And far as I know that living in Kuwait for 6 years myself with family. Most of family is not treat maids well very little pay and over work. Of course you should expect problems. Do you think unhappy employees will give you good performance? I really wish Parents can teach many valuable lesson for own children's. And some day soon Energy resources will change must be ready.

  2. and hoping you can solve also some cases of domestic helpers in kuwait… employers must follow all the things written in the contract…most especially salary and day-offs…

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