Expat Bachelors Removal

April 6, 201532 Comments


 Breaching the law to force expat singles out of “private accommodations” will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of Communications Essa Ahmad Al-Kandari said on Sunday.

The cabinet has entrusted the Kuwait Municipality with combating the phenomenon of expat singles residing in private accommodation districts, the minister said in a press statement following a wide-scale meeting for the authority’s senior officials and heads of sectors. He referred to a recently formed committee form the concerned bodies to undertake the task.

Removals will start with the areas of low density of expat singles, he said, while alternatives will be sought for other high density ones, such as building labor or company towns, Al-Kandari said. Meanwhile, the minister called for a field plan to counter the “flagrant” building irregularities in private accommodations.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. So where should the bachelor stay

  2. What will be decision on the building owners who were charging more rentals on the tenenants? Empty house for KD260? Better the building owners must visit Malaysia and Singapore to learn "How to treat and keep the tenants". The Kuwait Government must act fast and regularize the rental act to safe guard the expats.

  3. 1st they should remove Haris from the building for they too considered bachelors except haris with their families….. sound fair enough.

  4. After they finished the new project near hasawy the new Kuwait university they will remove hasawy and a basy a and all this area

  5. In the name of ikramiya harris is earning 200 to 300 kd per flat in building
    Why u r thinking of urself only
    Dont forget all humans are equal
    And b afraid of Allah if u r muslim

  6. Where is becholors Accomodation in kuwait
    First make plan for bacholors city
    The 95% crime in kuwait by arabs they r looting missbehaving theft and so on
    Did u have any complaints for non arab becholors living with famileis
    If the becholors not share the flat then that family can not afford that flat and they have to sent there family back which can cause half million flat vacant with in 6 month the owner kuwaity will be happy with no rents in his pocket?

  7. Only hasawi going to rmove

  8. This must be a joke, don't believe this article, this cannot be true I am sure.

  9. They need to fix their people first. Their people rent apartments under some foreigner name and have parties almost every day and drink alcohol and do nasty stuff. Kuwait, the foreigners are not the problem

  10. I think you must check activities of all HARIS of the building the most and foremost!!! Because they (Haris) are asking big amount of money for all new occupants!!!

  11. Can they focus on developing the country

  12. Can they focus on developing the country

  13. which area will remove any one know?

  14. I think they are trying to implement what Dubai has which are actual areas which are for bachelor workers only
    Having said that I hope the conditions for these men are in place before they start applying this law.
    It would also be humane to allow many of these men who are able to bring their wives and families over and reduce the number of single man areas

  15. Officials here are retarded. Maybe afraid their abused wives will slip over to one for real love…. incompetent leaders here…

  16. Aj Stan says:

    Their solutions always lead to new problems …

  17. First show facilities after start removal

  18. First show facilities after start removal

  19. I think they are getting mad . so know where they going to shift bachelor's in the dessert area really funny guys

  20. I think they are getting mad . so know where they going to shift bachelor's in the dessert area really funny guys

  21. They have flectuating laws. every moment will change. They will implement and they will violate.

  22. They have flectuating laws. every moment will change. They will implement and they will violate.

  23. Kuwait Law = Kuwait Weather !!
    Everyday new changes and new law bill passed.. May Allah protect all… All the best Bachelor's.

  24. They want us to make tent city in the dessert for bachelor's only…

  25. They take decisions with no solution

  26. And where they can stay???

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