Salary Calculation with sick leaves ( Article 69 )

March 5, 201543 Comments


Specifies calculation of the following categories of sick leave with valid medical report:
* 15 days with full salary
* 10 days with 3/4 salary
* 10 days with 1/2 salary
* 10 days with 1/4 salary
* 30 days without salary

The medical report should come from a doctor recognized by the employer or a doctor in government health unit. This shall determine granting of each type of the abovementioned sick leaves, but whenever there is disagreement, the government medical report shall be considered. The last paragraph exempts chronic diseases, which a ministerial decision shall specify.

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  1. Sourindra Mitra says:

    Sir,We are a Fabrication & Erection contractor from India. If we provide our service with our Indian manpower to there then what will be salary structure as follows category. a) Skilled Fitter,b) 6G Welder,
    c)Argon Welder,d)Gas Cutter,e) Grinder,f)Rigger g) Helper,h)Supervisor,i)Store Keeper.
    Sir please let us know the structure as soon as possible. Our mail is :- [email protected]

  2. If I am Open Contract and I complete my 4years in the company how much Idenminity or I am entilled for this?

  3. If that's the case, you're SOOL.

  4. Bai Guiamalon ikaw na.kabayan. ang ganda ng company mo anu bang company ka maka pag apply nga.

  5. This is could a bias law…

  6. Most of the employers don't follow this rules..!and I should be apply in both public and private sector!

  7. For those people who do not understand: SICK leave is when a person has a medical reason not to enter work. If you want salary during this time there is rules. Full oaid sick leave then a reduction every 10 extra consecutive days, until there is leave for last 30 days with no pay. After this time employer has the right to fire youbfrom your position if uou do not return to work. Again sick leave is NOT a paid HOLIDAY that everyone must recieve pay even if they did not have time off for illness. Not sick no off time no money. This is life people. Be gratefull and thankfull you have work and you are not suffering illness.

  8. How about if we are working in private?we have a lot of problem of our work?even our off days our manager he don't lyk to give us…if we take off he cut our salaries….


  10. Sick leave with drs certificate suppose to be with pay ..up till 3 months

  11. Patan Taj says:

    Please make house rent less in Kuwait

  12. This role only kuwait citizens

  13. no.. they will not pay you since sick leaves cannot be accumulated..

  14. Sick leave if you get sick and doctor advise rest days for you only in that case you can utilize your sick leave in case you didn`t get sick leave whole year you`r not going to be paid for that left days or 15 days its not annual leave.

  15. Pls correct me if I'm wrong, is the three succeeding 10 days are the days exceeding your 15days full payment?

  16. What about u didnt use your sick leave? Is that payable? Or no?

  17. This rule is all over the world. Plus you get 30 more days even though they are without pay, but everywhere in the world sick leave does not go over 45 days

  18. what is better resign or terminate?

  19. If company lost because close, so what about our payments

  20. But my compay did not give money they say u take leave but if someone go to take medical leave they ask too many question only they will find u r really ill very much then they will give so why they do not give money for rest of the days there is no law against it, if there is plz tell me

  21. 3 months maternity leave ,bayad un ung ibang companies di sumusunod sa kuwait law -wala ka magawa kung wala bigay company no.

  22. Pag di nagamit ung sick leave you can get payment sa company,ganyan sa amin bayad lahat page dika nagbakasyon puede mo ipa cash

  23. YeH that's the rights calculation ever since.

  24. Resign… but if ur company ask u to sign any arabic paper den don't sign it… ask for english translation and as soon as u transfer ur iqama den ask ur previous company abt ur benefits and if they denies den file a case against ur company in Shoun… U will automatically get ur benefits…

  25. If I never use my sick leave the whole year, the company give cash if im resigned or terminated.

  26. If I never use my sick leave the whole year, the company give cash if im resigned or terminated.

  27. Jay Mohd says:

    looks like leave without is not sick leave anymore..hahaha..this is again à call for human right …youd rather die in work than to rest without pay..

  28. Below ten years 75%, more than 10 years 100%

  29. How about indemnity ?

  30. How about for those working in the house.the lady employer always not following the contract 9n what is being agreed in the contract..always say manisyukol min about that

  31. There is no law for worker . law for his loard .

  32. Sir please how about our benefits never may company gave what I do if iwant to resign please help me thaks

  33. Hello sir and maam.i just ask only if how much kuwait salary of asphalt operator? Thanks.

  34. Mohd Nasir says:

    This rule only for kuwaiti.not for others

  35. Desame my company they not giving our sickleave,how is that if we den't use our sickkeave how we can take our sickleave….our company should pay to us?

  36. Can you post law about maternity payment.. Because my company will not give maternity payment to whom will give birth.

  37. Ir you not used your sickleave the company pay us those days?

  38. Mia Toll says:

    Does this include Private Schools? Our school's policy only allows 6 days with full salary & it goes down to half salary etc fro there.

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