From 2 KD to 50 KD – Charges increased on work permits and transfer of residence

April 20, 201615 Comments

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Planning and Development Hind Al-Subaih yesterday signed a new decree sharply raising charges on work permits and transfer of residence.

The decision raises the charge for a work permit for the first time from KD 2 to KD 50 and its renewal from KD 2 to KD 10. It also raises fees for transfer of work permit (residence or changing employer) from KD 10 to KD 50.

The decision becomes effective from June 1.

Source : Kuwait Times

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  1. sir can i increase my salary 100 kd on itnamal at one times

  2. my salary in my contract is 235kd but my iqama was only 150kd how can i fix, my company told to me i can fix that the next contract.. please help me.. thank you

  3. Can i transfer my visa 20 to 18

  4. Santosh Kubal Bhai mera visa 18 ka hai mera factory ka visa hai Mai us factory se trance for liya tha Aur ek nayi company join kiya tha usme 1month hogaya mera akhama factory to company transfer nahi hora kuch suliustoin hai Kya aap ke pass

  5. Ek kaam Karo
    Kal mere office mein aa jana
    Sabkuchh batadunga

  6. Yes u can come & renew ur driving licence

  7. U can transfer other project with 300 kd fee

  8. My visa18how to me realise. Me3yeas finiish

  9. I cancel visa from Kuwait one year finish now I am my country can jobs New visa

  10. I cancel my visa and go back India 2 year finish now I'm in India.can I come new visa and renew my driving licence?

  11. My visa have project visa now no renewal but befor 5 month one month one month extended how to my renewal visa

  12. Peles tel me my visa 18 Grovement project how to transfer…I want to go another company

  13. Please tel me how is 20 visa transfer to 18

  14. What if 20 to 18 visa its posible to transfer it?

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