Official paid holidays in Kuwait ( Article 68 )

March 6, 201524 Comments


Paid official Hlidays are as follows

1: Hegira New Year : 1 day
2: Isra and Miraj Day : 1 day
3: Eid al Fitr : 3 Days
4: Waqfat Arafat : 1 Day
5: Eid al Adha : 3 days
6: Milad al Nabi : 1 day
7: National Day : 1 day
8: Liberation Day : 1 day
9: Gregorian New year : 1 day

fixes official holidays with full salary, so an employee is entitled to 11 paid holidays in a year. If the condition calls for engaging an employee during these days, the employee is entitled to double wages and another day off as compensation.

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  1. Only Kuwait Upto
    Date paper have that law,but in government kuwait nothing…hahaha thats impossible!..

  2. Imco company terminated 3 months advance not giving to follow

  3. Imco company terminated 3 months advance not giving to follow

  4. Liberation only one day ,it is 24,national day is 25

  5. Why not the government official who is responsible for this make visit for all saloon shop especially woman if their employer following that law…ask the worker not the madam….

  6. Asking of holidays payable but the main problems some company egnore the law but nobody care or support these must be from the government have representative investigate each company and this person never been wasta are been kiss salam to egnore what they see ..

  7. Some private company did not implementing holiday pay…

  8. our company also holidays not payable..all nothing

  9. We shell make objection for our rights..

  10. Thanks God our small gave us more holidays like Liberation days 3 days. Even Christmas and new year.

  11. I'm working in kuwait for 14 years as a coffers but all my employer not following with that law…actually no benifits I take with my first employer…and now also…

  12. Arun Ravi says:

    Its 13 days not 11 days..

  13. Sana po applicable din lahat ng paid holidays to those working in the house Like in hongkong.

  14. Wala kme nyn holiday n yan

  15. Our public holiday is not paid instead of paying it they are giving it as xtra off,,

  16. This case its depends to the company some company giving you double pay if you working on holidays and give u another dayoff instead

  17. If ur regular day off falls on official paid holiday…do u have another day off or u will be paid as overtime

  18. Liberation day was 2days paid not 1 day and the total you count here was 13days not 11

  19. I wonder if this applies to teachers too

  20. What if a company is not paying this holidays

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