Kuwait has frozen the number of expatriates in the country

April 29, 201511 Comments

Kuwait has frozen the number of expatriates in the country, according to Kuwait Times. New foreign workers will only be granted visas to replace exiting expats. Kuwaiti authorities have struggled to deal with contention among citizens over the imbalance between locals and foreigners in the country, particularly as infrastructure has failed to keep up with the expanding population. Expats make up about two-thirds of the total population of about 3.3 million.

Various schemes to reduce expat numbers have been previously announced, including in 2013 when the then-social minister said the number of expats would be cut by 100,000 each year until 2023, effectively halving the total. The new government has not followed through with that policy.More than 90 percent of Kuwaitis who work are employed by the public sector, while there are more than 2 million expats in the private sector, according to Arabian Business sources.

Source : Arabian Business

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  1. Well, let's see how the government would manage to fill skilled labour shortages now.

  2. Nenad TheStig Dimitrijevik pa ednas veke bev, sea cekam pak viza…

  3. Hahahah da ne se spremase da doagas nakaj nas vo Kuvajt? 🙂

  4. We expartriates came here (Kuwait) to work and make money for our family. We've to follow the rules of this country whether it is good or bad for us. Only anoying thing is about the 420 (fraud) companies. Specially Al Essa (who were supplying man power for the MOH. Recently they stopped nearly 500 staff for no reason without paying any of the staff indemnity. What is the decision taken on this company? That company was having many cases against them; but what is the result? The expats are contributing more for the development of this country Kuwait. But the salary paid for them….

  5. This is the issue of not paying expatriate high salary every company want to make high benefic by other way kuwaitis salary are high

  6. هم احرار يقررون ما يريدون فالبلد بلدهم وهم ادرى بمصالحهم . ثم هناك للناحيه الامنيه وخصوصا في هذا الوضع الغير مستقر بمنطقة الخليج والشرق الأوسط . أتمنى السلامه الكامله للكويت واهلها فقد عشت فيها اكثر من ٢٦ سنه

  7. But there is always alittle contribution in kuwaits growth. Y present officials r not considering.

  8. not good but what we can do.

  9. Bato Deni says:

    е баш сеа ли бе

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