Shepherds died by thirst in Kuwait

June 3, 20156 Comments

Shepherd_and_his_FlockAn Indian national working as a shepherd in Kuwait has been found dead in a remote desert area in Kuwait, with reports saying he died of thirst and de-hydration.  The body was found on May 28 in the desert area in Qashaniya, the Indian Embassy in the country has said.  Preliminary investigations suggest that the Indian national died of thirst and de-hydration as his body was found in a very arid spot, media reports said.

“As a matter of policy, the Embassy is not allowing Indian nationals in Kuwait to work as shepherds so as to protect their welfare. Unfortunately, there have been some instances reported where Indian nationals have been forced to work as shepherds in desert areas of Kuwait or taken against their will to Saudi Arabia,” the embassy said in a statement.

The Embassy said it had advised Indian nationals in Kuwait not to take up employment as shepherds.

“Those who have been forced to work as shepherds in Kuwait in violation of their work contract, should immediately contact the Embassy for assistance in the matter/redressal of their grievances,” the statement said.

Source : One Indian

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  2. I spent a big part of my life in Kuwait that's why I know how our embassy be have with Indian people.they never feel how poor our Indians are struggling in Kuwait.instead of helpings they shout at them.they do not care of anyone.they daily want good parties & injoyments

  3. Indian embassy do nothing only depot from Kuwait and nothing else I went n they didn't help me its no use of embassy in Kuwait for Indians

  4. Indian should not go for to work as a shepherds.we have lots of work in our Owen country.iam proud to be indian.

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