They call me Hindi…. What do they call you?

July 17, 20150

EjLqWUknThey call me Hindi….
What do they call you?

They call me Hindi
Giving fake smiles,
looking little shy.
They forget I’m a woman.

They call me Hindi,
and first I was nervous
Than I said myself
What’s wrong with them?
How can they call me that?
Than I realized, it’s not my land.

I look at them.
I make them feel ashamed.
So what if I’m Hindi…
I respect myself, much better than that
confidence is in my pen, I have the guts to smile, and the dare to walk anywhere.

I represent my country, my religion, my family. what if they call me Hindi?
I just try to ignore that
But it’s stuck in my mind.
Why do they call me like that?

It’s racist, they should probably know that. They realize my attitude, I don’t care. I’m Hindi and there is nothing that can change that. My mind was distracted, thinking why would they say that?

I reach my home, I was very sad.
I spoke to my family, they weren’t surprised, they just laugh and said,
you are Hindi and you must know that.

I felt proud I was known as Hindi.
After some days I went back,
I saw the same group chatting and gigging, I heard them say “Hindi is back”.

I smile at them and I gently say
to myself, I’m Hindi and I know that.
One of them said ‘don’t be upset, because here people are from different nations, so we call each of them by their nationality,.’

Gently she told me ‘Your Hindi so what else will we call you? So, what will you call us just tell me that ?’

written by shaheen sayyed
[email protected]

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