It is not about 500 fils

June 30, 20150

Few weeks ago,
I had read an article trending on social media regarding the trolley mafia in Kuwait Airport.  It’s not about 500/-fils, it’s about cheating, but the truth is something else, there is no Trolley Mafia there.

To know the truth, I had personally spoken to the Passenger luggage Trolley Service department and they revealed the truth. The truth was:
If a passenger need to use a trolley it’s absolutely free but in case if the passenger require a porter service from the departure bridge until the scanning machine he/she have to pay the service charge of 500/-fils.

The porter working inside the checking premise are authorized porter by the airport. Incase you need the porters help from the scanning machine to the checking counter it’s absolutely free you don’t have to pay them anything, it’s your wish if you want to pay them a tip but the trolley is for FREE.

IF you don’t want to pay, don’t take the porter assistance

written by Shaheen Sayyed
[email protected]

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