Extension of residency to be conditional on passport validity

June 30, 20150

pntitledThe Ministry of Interior plans to make the period of an extended residency of any expat in Kuwait no more than the expiry date of their passports, a senior official said on Wednesday. “The decree in this regard could come into force as of Jan 1, 2016,” says Maj-Gen Talal Maarafi, Director General of the Ministry’s Residency Affairs Dept.

He called on foreigners to renew their passports before application of the law begins in early 2016 to facilitate the renewal of their residences. He affirmed the residence will be rendered invalid if the passport expires beforehand, and a new residence will not be issued until the passport is renewed.

According to Major General Marafi, the department observes several residents extending the validity of their old passports and those who obtained new passports declining to check with the concerned department to register and convey their data to the new passports, and the penalty for not updating data on the new passport is facing travel ban or paying fines. He called on expatriates to check validity period of their passports and renew them, and then register the new data with the concerned department in the Interior Ministry.

Source : ArabTimes

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