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Expats in problem while travelling.

April 6, 20190 Comments

The Ministry of Interior on March 10 applied the ministerial decision to cancel the residence sticker on the passports of expatriates and replace it with the civil card, as a step to keep abreast of the latest technological development to achieve an integrated service security system that enables citizens and residents to complete all transactions via the Internet, but some of the expatriate countries allegedly lack full knowledge of the decision, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources..

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Civil ID with Passport Number to Enter and Exit Kuwait

March 9, 20194 Comments

General Department for Residency Affairs affiliated to the Ministry of Interior held a press conference on March 6 to provide explanation of the ministerial Decision No. 135/2019 concerning cancellation of residence permit stickers in the passports of expatriates, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

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Passport Department requests to lift ban

October 21, 20170 Comments

The Passport Department intends to request the Information Systems Department to lift the block on old passports with more than three years for expiry in order to enable the holders of those passports to replace them with the new electronic ones, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources.

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Check your passports detail

August 21, 20171 Comment

Ministry of Interior prevented some expatriates from leaving the country because the information recorded in their passports do not match that in the ministry’s system.

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Review expiry dates of passports of Expats

December 20, 20160 Comments

Kuwait urges Kuwaitis and expatriates to check the expiry date of passports held by their domestic workers to avoid them to fines.

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Extension of residency to be conditional on passport validity

June 30, 20153 Comments

pntitledThe Ministry of Interior plans to make the period of an extended residency of any expat in Kuwait no more than the expiry date of their passports, a senior official said on Wednesday. Continue Reading &raquo

Passports non-renewal pushes illegals number past 100,000

February 7, 20153 Comments

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Pay Passport Fines Or Will Be Deported

January 19, 201511 Comments


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New Passport Validity required for Kuwait Visa

January 13, 201534 Comments


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Ministry rescinds decision to collect fines in some cases

January 10, 20154 Comments

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