Kuwait opens shelter for ‘runaway maids’

November 10, 201437 Comments

maid89734_20Kuwait is home to more than 660,000 domestic workers, according to a 2010 Human Rights Watch report. Only a third of Kuwait’s population of 3.5 million are Kuwaiti nationals, and up to 90 percent of all Kuwaiti households employ a worker.

Every year, thousands of them come into conflict with their employers, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. A shelter for male migrant workers is also being built in Kuwait with space for 300 people, according to Hadi al-Enezi, deputy director of labour relations at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia also run shelters for domestic workers.

Shelter beds are also offered in the embassies of the countries domestic workers typically come from, but they are largely overcrowded. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, 900 to 1,000 women are currently housed in various embassies across Kuwait. They often wait for weeks or months before their employers return their passports and allow them to leave the country.

But the embassy buildings are not designed for this purpose and are usually understaffed. At the request of the embassies, the Kuwaiti government paid for this new and larger shelter, which requires contributions from the women’s employers at KD 15 (about $50) per day for each runaway maid.

Source : Al Jazeera

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  1. So true. have been inside the basement of one of these embassies and was horrified but what by what I saw

  2. It' is good idea… GOD BLESS KUWAIT!

  3. Good job, sure, but the underlying problem is not being addressed: Why are they running away in the first place? Is it simply job dissatisfaction, or are there unacceptable employment conditions? Surely, if the Kuwaiti govt. were concerned about the rights of workers, they would want to establish/investigate what/where the problem is; otherwise it's just a stop-gap measure, and they are in denial about a bigger underlying problem…..

  4. Will people who don't pay up their own electricity bills pay KD 15 per day for the maid ? In the first place because these maids were not paid KD80 a month they have runaway.

  5. Adams Arca says:

    Praise God to his wonderful idea.

  6. this is bad.. now the kuwaitis know where their domestic helpers will go. its easy for them to get them.

  7. Its good to hear like this
    But we didnt know how the situation inside..if treating good or no…but tnx also becoz now govt..give attention…for run away..housemaid…god bless….

  8. This is a good idea. I just hope runaway maids are not too afraid to use the shelter out of fear of being forced back to their employers.

  9. Its so helpful,, but I wished too they forced those runways employers to pay that contribution every month, for I'm sure this Kuwaitiswill complain ..

    And I prayed too will shelter will truly a shelter fir households who runaway and won't turn out into something worst .

  10. what i should say?KUWAIT is fair to the workers


  12. Very good idea keep up that good idea it will be very helpful

  13. Excellent idea. ..good job Kuwait ♡♡♡

  14. who dont ike to work or bf /gf problem u can enter there

  15. Good if they wont give quickly the passport then they paid more and more….. so in that way the employer….will give the passport quickly and they can leave the country as soon as possible…

    I love KUWAIT…. as well as the people's that neverfade to hel….

  16. at last they got brains to think for other

  17. Some Kuwaitis have brain now..!!

  18. Good really feel happy

  19. Dew Drop says:

    It's good tht they r helpin maid who run away bcoz the kuwaiti torture them it's good tht kuwait govt doin somthk good

  20. Good idea….its helpful…

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