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Visit visas transfer to dependent (family) visa not allowed

August 19, 20200 Comments

Aug 19: Instructions have been issued to stop converting visit visas of all kinds into residency for those who entered the country since the beginning of this year.

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32,000 visas in two months

July 12, 20170 Comments

More than 776,000 residence permits and 32,000 visit visas were issued in the last two months.

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Bill imposing fees for medical services on Expats

December 18, 20160 Comments

The bill on imposing fees for medical services offered to expatriates who enter the country on visit visa will most likely be passed through the parliamentary Health Affairs Committee to become a law, especially since the government showed positive indicators of its passage, reports Arab Times daily.

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Each family can sponsor only one

June 15, 20169 Comments

Major General Talal Ma’arafi, Director General of the Residence Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior said the Assistant Undersecretary for Passports and Nationality Affairs, Major- General Mazen Al-Jarrah has given instructions that each Kuwaiti family can sponsor only one Bangladeshi house help provided the family meets the conditions, reports Al-Anba daily.

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New higher visa fees for expats in Kuwait

February 8, 201539 Comments

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Bangladeshi workers back after 7-yr halt

December 7, 201464 Comments

Following a seven-year ban on most Bangladeshi workers, it has been decided to reopen the entry of Bangladeshi workers coming to Kuwait in February, said Bangladeshi Ambassador Continue Reading &raquo

Gulf countries to improve domestic workers’ condition

December 6, 20143 Comments


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Kuwait rejects India’s bank guarantee measure for recruiting domestic helpers

December 5, 201425 Comments

The India government has backed down on a move to implement a KD720 ($2450) bank guarantee for Kuwaiti employers of Indian workers. Kuwait had threatened to ban Indian expatriates moving to the country in response to the guarantee payment, announced in September, during high level diplomatic talks with the Indian ambassador to Kuwait.

Source : ArabianBusiness (04.01.2015)
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Migrate to Australia or Canada , Kuwait

November 13, 2014100 Comments


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Kuwait opens shelter for ‘runaway maids’

November 10, 201437 Comments

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