How to transfer EIDI Online

May 23, 20200 Comments

Central Bank of Kuwait has launched the “3editi” service with K-Net. Enabling us to continue the customs of Eidi and joy of our kids. it is simple and quick.

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About Kuwait and facts in Urdu/Hindi Languages

May 19, 20200 Comments

About Kuwait in Urdu/Hindi Languages

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Travel ban, Traffic violations, Residence fines to be collected from police stations

September 2, 20190 Comments

The Ministry of Interior is in the process of completing a project, first of its kind in Kuwait, to collect fines from expatriates and citizens at 70 police stations through K-Net kiosks, reports Al-Qabas daily, quoting security sources. The sources said this step comes within the e-government project that makes collection of fines easy.

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New iqama process begins: Civil ID (passport number + Latin name + occupation).

March 11, 20192 Comments

The General Department of Residence Affairs, upon instructions from Assistant Undersecretary of the Residence Affairs Department Major-General Talal Marafie said the Interior Ministry will stop putting residence stickers on passports of expatriates (domestic workers) who renew their residence permits online from March 10, 2019, reports Al-Rai daily.

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Don’t be confused in between passport and civil id during travel

March 11, 201911 Comments

A security source said the complaints of confusion surrounding the ministerial decision among the expatriate community is unjustified; pointing out that the issue is the cancellation of the sticker only for any newcomer and who renews his residence or gets a new residence.

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Civil ID with Passport Number to Enter and Exit Kuwait

March 9, 20194 Comments

General Department for Residency Affairs affiliated to the Ministry of Interior held a press conference on March 6 to provide explanation of the ministerial Decision No. 135/2019 concerning cancellation of residence permit stickers in the passports of expatriates, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

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Indian Rupees in Kuwait

February 2, 20190 Comments

During the early to mid-20th century, the Indian rupee was extensively used as currency in countries around the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula.

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New Fine of 500 KD

November 5, 20180 Comments

The new Fire-fighting Law includes a stipulation on imposing harsher penalties on those who violated safety and protection regulations such as fine of KD 10,000 if the violation resulted in accident and loss of properties, reports Al Rai daily quoting Deputy Director General for Protection Section in the Fire-fighting General Department Major General Khalid Abdullah Fahad. Speaking to the daily, Fahad explained that harsher penalties are necessary because fire incidents affect people’s lives and properties. He said the previous law stipulated maximum fine of KD 500 which is paid by the violator only after the issuance of the verdict years later.

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What are those white lines in the sky over the Kuwait

November 3, 20180 Comments

If you’ve ever seen a jet fly across the sky, you may have noticed that there is sometimes a thin white line behind it. These clouds are contrails, short for condensation trails.

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How to apply for Kuwait Drivers License

November 2, 20182 Comments

How to apply for Kuwait Drivers License.

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