Don’t be confused in between passport and civil id during travel

March 11, 201911 Comments

A security source said the complaints of confusion surrounding the ministerial decision among the expatriate community is unjustified; pointing out that the issue is the cancellation of the sticker only for any newcomer and who renews his residence or gets a new residence.

The only difference is instead of the passports, the expatriates must produce their civil IDs. They will not be able to leave the country until after the issuance of the new civil ID.

Similarly a person will not be allowed to return if he/she does not carry the civil ID. He added all the countries have been notified in this regard. The source said: For any person who will come on visit visa, whether family, tourist or commercial, the original official paper issued by the General Department of Residence will be allowed entry and exit the country.

The source added, any expatriate whose residence was issued a month or more or less before Sunday, March 10, will be able to leave and return to the country without a civil ID card.

As for students who are studying abroad and who are outside Kuwait, the stickers in their passports allow them to enter the country without a civil ID card.

The General Department of Residence took 72 hours to complete the system so that it is fully operational.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior has begun to implement the first phase of the decision to do away with the residence permit stickers on the passports and transfer all the information onto the civil IDs for holders of Article 20 (domestic labor), reports Al-Rai daily.

In the meantime, the Public Authority for Civil Information has stopped issuing IDs to all expatriates, because the names on the passports are subject to review by the Ministry of Interior, (the names in Latin) to accept applications for renewal and issuance of the ID. A majority of the civil ID cards of more than 3 million expatriates carry Arabic names that do not match the Latin names in their passports and are written in the civil ID as translated by the Public Authority for Civil Information.

Source : Arabtimes

Civil ID with Passport Number to Enter and Exit Kuwait

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  1. ali jadon says:

    thanks for differentiate

  2. asjed says:

    Thanks for giving us this information about passport and civil id. i didnt know about thay.

  3. Afsa says:

    Happy to see you updated about it, Before someone faces any issues.

  4. Barath kumar says:

    I got a Visa for my old passport but still I have new passport for some reason ,my civil I’d have a old passport number ,today they cancelled my trip I have a emergency I want to must go India can you give some ideas I go early with in two days…

  5. Joe says:

    Paid 5 KD after receiving message from PACI.
    its been 4 works day’s now PACI website (Civil ID Status) show’s “Civil ID card is still being processed, please try again within one week.” and in civil ID renewal it shows “We have successfully updated your residency information and there is no need to visit PACI for this purpose”
    I had to cancel my flight ticket even tough it isn’t my fault.

  6. Ansari says:

    Before7 year in my civil id date of birth is no match with passport what is the procedure to change the date of birth please give information because i am going to vacation aftet 2year

    • Jerry says:

      Dear ansari,

      Hello! Just wanted to ask if u were able to change your birthdate in the civil id to match the one in the passport?

      Thank you!

  7. Jamal Rana says:

    nice info, do we need iqama to live in kuwait like we need in KSA? can someone confirm?

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