Video – Indian workers arrested in Kuwait for murder send SOS to Modi govt #kuwait #q8 #india

August 29, 201434 Comments

mea-1_350_082914112634Hundreds of Indian workers in Kuwait have sent out an appeal to the government to secure the release of their 25 colleagues who have been arrested on murder charges.

Source : India Today

A video they sent out shows them asking the Indian embassy and the Indian and the Punjab governments to provide legal representation and secure the release of the 25 labourers.

The men were allegedly involved in a massive fight with some Egyptian workers. The tussle and stone-pelting led to the death of two Egyptians. The Indians were subsequently arrested. It is not clear where the incident took place. The fight was caught on a mobile camera.


Update – 02.09.2014 via ArabtimesOnline

Unidentified worker reportedly told The Tribute of India over the phone that the brawl happened when the Egyptians refused to allow the Indian worker to occupy a vacant seat on the bus.

At this point, the Egyptians who seemed well prepared started beating two Indians on the bus and when the bus reached the residential camp, both sides attacked each other with whatever they could lay their hands on.

Earlier it was reported the Ahmadi securitymen had arrested 14 Egyptians and 11 Indians who were engaged in a fistfight at the Camels Market in Kabad, resulting in the death of one Egyptian and injuries to several others.

The injuries included fractures and stab wounds and they were being treated at the Jahra, Sabah and Farwaniya hospitals. All those arrested were referred to the concerned security department for interrogation and other necessary legal action.

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  1. We are Indians. ..only here talk about Indians, matter here concern…
    We came here nit any poltics ourpise or not for rulling purpose to talk..
    Be a Indian first…….

  2. Kill the Indians and deport 1000 others

  3. muslim hindu sikhs poora indians mera bharat mahan please release Indian people

  4. aur tu jo mrji khe hai tu shaik jaber ka beta hai

  5. tu sale dogla muslman hai muglu ke time ka

  6. haha tera khhda b hota hai aja dehk lete me kuwait me ho beta sale gandu aur tum log apni ukat dehka he dete ma behn teri b hai tum log tu apni behn he chod lete ho dosri ki kya respct kro ge sister fucker ibrahim imran

  7. all of u there is Allen..always remember that..if u don't come there…theirs no please do some respect the LAW of Arab..Even i am a Christian…please do some respect the LAW of the LAND…

  8. Ab G ka matlab to tere ko malum hi hai….

  9. Tere Owais ne pucha tha "kon Modi kaisa Modi" usku jail me daal ke uske pappa ka introduction diya tha…. Ab kaisa
    owais kahe ka owais? Aj tak uski G 56cm ki hai. 10min Police hatalo bol raha tha…? Guj 2002 me police khadi thi aur dikha diya tha kiski G me hai kitna dum. Police hat gai to kya hoga sochlo apni akal lagao Owais ke kahene me mat jao.

  10. kisiko koe history ya geography padne ki koe zarurat nahi hai kuwait police and lawmwker apna kaam kar rahe hai vo karke rahenge kisi ki nahi sunege toh tum sab log ye hindu muslim ka ka naya tatak bich me daal rahe ho, kaam karo apni apni family ko dekho dusro ki gan………me ungli mat karo vo tumhari nahi karenge siidi baat, im indian may allah save indians and im also a human in this world so ill tel may allah save humans of egypt too aameeen.

  11. Tum sab hypocrite scroundels ka ek hi baap hai india me owaisi ab tumhari g pe marne ke liye.g ..matlab samaj gaya na …gand

  12. Tyson Khan says:

    Bhaiyon Jo bhi pardes mein kam karte hain paise kamane ki garz se jate hain na ke ladai jhagda karne keliye….hindustan apna mulk hai yahan hum sab apne hain aur jo bhi masla hai humlog milkar suljha sakte hain lekin iske badle mein gossay mein anaap shanaap na bak kar ye duwaa kijye allaah taala se ke hamare tamaam indians brothers safe & sound rahe aur allaah unki hifazat kare jo jo indians arrest huway aur jald az woh yeh mosibat se nikal jaayen kiunke unke bhi families hain.
    yeh misri saalay bohot harami hote hain main 15 saal se jaanta hoon. Main bhi muslim hoon lekin sabse bada aur pehla religion insaniyat hai jisay hamay nahi bhoolna chahiye.
    Aisa bohot rare huwa hai ke arab countries mein koi expatriate ne kisi arabi ko mar dala ho,,,,agar kuch hota bhi hai to pehla qosoor un arabiyon ka hi hota hai……yeh fact hai isliye un indians keliye duwaa kijye na ke aapas mein ladiye.
    aapka shukurguzar
    Tyson Khan

  13. Chup kar Ibrahim nai to tere pappa Modi ko bulana hi pDega.

  14. Jab tum sacche aur seedhe ho to galath ko galath mano .aapni community ki baat agaye to uska support mat karo

  15. Vipul gary sandhu ka bhi comment check kar pahele phir aukat ki baat kar ok

  16. Aukaat pe agaye… Lagta hai tu galat faimi me hi jita hai. Tere ma-baap to sharam se mar gaye honge itna tuch bache ko paida kar ke….

  17. Garry sandhu haramkhor sikh kutte teri maa aur bahen ko to hum chodenge sale.musalmaan chod ne perfect hote hai teri maa se puch

  18. Bharat Muslim Samachar… U know that your headed towards THE END… this is called Gand Fatti effect.

  19. Ibrahim Imran ji… Nice to know from your comments that there are some ppl in this world who are foolish than Alia Bhatt. Today Alia Bhatt should celebrate

  20. teri ma d chut ibrahim mother fuker

  21. Ibrahim Imran ji… Nice to know from your comments that there are some ppl in this world who are foolish than Alia Bhatt. Today Alia Bhatt should celebrate

  22. Bharat Muslim Samachar… U know that your headed towards THE END

  23. Anonymous says:

    BMS, its sad to know your views, you should be more responsible in feeding your readers with such hatred. there was mass killings in both sides during partition, moreover the first rebellion even the muslim princely states did not participate in the rebellion and also my dear mughals were foreign invaders converting hindus to muslims and even treating the converted muslims like dont show your solidarity towards mughals. get your facts right.ww1 indian army dint only have sikhs but also all muslims and hindus in their ranks. I would just like to request to some muslim friends from india to not make this a community issue and show some concern to your fellow indians be it hindus , muslims or sikhs , we dont really know the consequences they must have faced during the fight in kuwait.God knows better.

  24. Jai Kurup says:

    This kind of post we r not able to give reply barat Muslim samchar….we know that u r a un educated. ..b…..
    That's why….

  25. Indian Hindus and Sikhs have become aggressive since modi came to power , they need to be taught a lesson and justice served. Hindus and sikhs are attacking and killing muslims in india since 60 years and now they started to do so in kuwait, shows thier anti islam and anti muslim ideology. Arab countries should not give visa to hindus from BJP/RSS/VHP and its affiliates . The Sikhs have betrayed the mughals fight in first freedom movement and sided with british, sikhs were fighting along british in WW1 while we muslims were fighting for freedom, they killed millions of muslims during partition. i dont blame all sikhs or hindus but majority are anti islam and muslims.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mr.Ibrahim, You Forgot to mention the number of sikh freedom fighters and military men in the country giving sacfrices for the OTHER COMMUNITIES of india . Opening an indian restaurant is not the only motive the sikh people have serving their countrymen. Being so negative about your own countrymen is really shamefull. Law of the land will decide on the matter , moreover the sikh temple was attacked in 1984 which led to the killing of mrs indira gandhi , its a sad episode but you cant blame the whole community and their behaviour.

  27. Jai Kurup says:

    Mr Ibrahim. .Don't say like that. ..u must be check the reason. ..panjabi is cool guys.they r the heart if india

  28. Mr. Ibrahim you need to go back and read the history

  29. Mr mutairi thanks I like ur feelings and respect for indians and indian community in kuwait.but pls try to understand punjabis sikhs are different compare to other india punjabis are deadly against all communities check the history 1947 time of partition ind-pak they killed lakhs of innocent women childerns of muslim community and they killed our ex pm indira gandhi too .if they are guilty hang them as per kuwait law bcoz next time should think about crime in kuwait

  30. kuwait please do rigth . dont do injustics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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