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215,000 expats left Kuwait in 2020

May 2, 20211 Comment

The Public Authority for Manpower recently addressed Govt. agencies regarding pending financial dues for workers. Late salaries are being paid by those who are registered with Govt contracts and this crisis needs to be solved urgently which runs parallel in combating visa trading.

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The reason behind spread of coronavirus in Kuwait

April 20, 20211 Comment

The Ministry of Health is conducting epidemiological investigations on the number of coronavirus cases recorded daily, taking into consideration that the number of new cases continues to increase although the number of infections due to gatherings and social events has decreased since the beginning of Ramadan compared to the previous months, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources.

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35,000 Indians leaving Kuwait in two weeks

August 20, 20200 Comments

Aug 19: Indian nationals from Kuwait continue to leave the country to return to their homeland. Second phase was launched yesterday, which increased its daily quota from 1,000 passengers to 2,500 passengers on approximately 14 flights.

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Expats suffering from Cancer, Diabetes, High BP ..etc, will no longer be able to obtain residencies in Kuwait

March 11, 20182 Comments

The stepfeed.com quoting the Al-Watan e-newspaper said expatriates who suffer from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and several other diseases although not contagious will no longer be able to obtain residencies in Kuwait.

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Subsidy cuts not to affect low-income peoples in Kuwait

February 1, 20160 Comments

Any reduction in subsidies will not affect people with low-income, said Ali Al-Omair, Minister of Public Works and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs.

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Aswat 3 – Performace from Old to Modern Kuwait

November 9, 20150 Comments

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April 27, 20150 Comments

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ICS Presents ” Jhalak with Remo Dsouza in Kuwait “

April 2, 20150 Comments

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KLL Yard Sale , Kuwait

February 4, 20150 Comments

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Kuwait Food Festival , Kuwait

January 27, 20150 Comments

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