Subsidy cuts not to affect low-income peoples in Kuwait

February 1, 20160 Comments

Any reduction in subsidies will not affect people with low-income, said Ali Al-Omair, Minister of Public Works and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs.

 The minister said that the proposed solutions would not undermine the interests of low-income people, and that it would be acceptable to all without having any negative impact on citizens, reported English daily Kuwait Times.

The National Assembly bureau is likely to meet with the economic committee of the Supreme Planning Council on Wednesday and with the minister of finance to discuss the issue of cutting subsidies on commodities and services. The announcement came after ministry officials met and discussed plans to reduce or lift subsidies on public services and commodities.

According to Ali Al-Omair, the debate over the issue is focused on the best means to stop squandering of public funds and to rationalize expenditures.

Source : GD Online

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