We call her maid

April 3, 20160

A poor village woman who has not even seen the town make a decision one day to travel aboard and become the bread winner  of her family due to the cruel play of fate.

For her aboard is a new place she hardly knows the new language but she manages to acquire the foreign language. She doesn’t know the calculation of the money but she desperately learns to assess it. Every second she works to earn it

She eats whatever is given to her, she wears a different uniform for her identification at home in parties or wherever she goes she is made to sleep on the floor. The woman who we call MAID is  also a mother daughter wife sister and queen of her family she leaves behind her own new born baby and takes care of your children thinking that its her own

 She raise the sponsor kids like her own young ones but once they have grown up they make her realize who she is treat her like your own family member because she treats you like one of her own . She is a woman and a human being born to live.EjLqWUkn

Salute to every woman who are doing this job

written by shaheen sayyed
[email protected]

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