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Domestic service hire to cost sum of KD 990 – Rates fixed

April 4, 20180 Comments

Anyone looking to hire the services of a domestic worker through one of the government-accredited offices interspersed throughout the country will now have to a pay a total sum of KD 990 ($3,267).

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Domestic workers below 21, above 60 not allowed

December 18, 20170 Comments

Head of Domestic Sector at the General Residency Affairs Department Muhammad Al-Ajmi disclosed the total number of registered domestic workers in the country is currently 669,000, pointing to one domestic worker per two citizens.

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Medical test each time on renewal of residency

November 8, 20160 Comments

Subsequent to the recent decision requiring domestic workers to undergo medical test each time they renew their residency, the Expatriate Workers Medical Service Center has been witness to a large number of visitors.

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Dozen arrested

November 6, 20160 Comments

Residency detectives raided a fake domestic help office in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh, where 12 residency violators and absconders were arrested with a large number of fake receipts and stamps.

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We call her maid

April 3, 20166 Comments

A poor village woman who has not even seen the town make a decision one day to travel aboard and become the bread winner  of her family due to the cruel play of fate.

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Message from Embassy of India

December 10, 201460 Comments
Message from Embassy of India Bank guarantee implemented on Indian maids sponsors in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.
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Gulf countries to improve domestic workers’ condition

December 6, 20143 Comments


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Kuwait asked to halt visas for housemaids

December 1, 201427 Comments


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