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December 10, 201460 Comments
Message from Embassy of India Bank guarantee implemented on Indian maids sponsors in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

THE Government of India has taken several policy measures since 2007 for the protection and welfare of Indian female domestic workers coming to the GCC countries for employment, says a press release issued by the Embassy of India, Kuwait.

The policy measures are as follows:

■ The female domestic worker should not be less than 30 years of age

■ The Employment Contract should be between the sponsor and the worker and that the attestation of this contract is mandatory from Indian Embassy

■ Every employer recruiting an Indian female domestic worker has to provide a bank guarantee of $2,500 with the Indian Embassy

■ A pre-paid mobile phone should be provided by the employer to the domestic worker

■ Payment of minimum monthly wage to female domestic workers (KD 70 per month in Kuwait) and

■ 24×7 Telephone Helpline, run by the Embassy, for information and advice to Indian workers as regards their grievances, immigration and other matters.

■ The bank guarantee policy measure has already been implemented in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

As it is now necessary to submit the bank guarantee of US $ 2,500 by sponsors in Kuwait employing Indian female domestic workers, the Embassy had issued a press release on Sept 12, 2014.

There is no denying the fact that there have been many instances in the past of non-payment of wages, severe physical and mental abuse, and acute harassment of Indian domestic workers in Kuwait. Very often passports of Indian domestic workers are kept by their sponsors in Kuwait.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. Vijay Jose says:

    Guys before u degrade our embassy staff , please remember they have their hands tied in legal loopholes which they are trying to fix with this decision. Give them a chance to try .You definitely do not expect them to barge into ur sponsors house with black cats and collect your dues. Play by the rules just like the UN sanctions work. It needs time to really change the system.

  2. Ashi Mus says:

    First Indian embassy appointments in Tamilnadu workers.

  3. Ok fine inshaallah if this policy will be approved by the kuwait government will dis money will be really given to the people who deserve it in such unusual situation or the embassy masters will take years to give the amount to the people wen they are in need of that…. is this a help or a matter of being selfish for their benefits if this will be the matter guys over there please stop dis policy n start praying to god for such things not to happen it will be a good idea…..

  4. india embassy work is third class.not good.they all selfiest…..

  5. Susma swaraj ji why all indian wroker salary small all gulf county . Philipin & Thailand wroker he dnt know doing good work bt his salary more than indian tell me why .all Indians good knowledge have all job .pls change all embessy staff .and take action new agreement all worker government fix salary all trade not company .I hope new government do that good for Indian worker .

  6. #Sahi..!Good job! I have one Indian lady frnd here in bharain she working until 12:am everyday,,

  7. Bilkul thik kara hona chiye bhi

  8. Md Khaan says:

    Embassy wants money,samthing u have problems that time embassy not helping

  9. Absolutely ryt decision but My kind request for Indian Government better to change all the Indian Embassy staff or take necessary action against them….

  10. Indian embassy employes are uneducated.even they can't respect Indians.i am proud to tell I am indian but sorry I hate indian embassy in kwt

  11. Friends I want to know just
    This Kuwait update id is own kuwait govt or like fake id…..

  12. Rehan Ali says:

    good decision but dhe r is nobadey foles roies

  13. I went to the embassy personally for some help they could have atleast adviced. Instead he just spoke like no we can't to anything about it go to the other embassy ..!!

  14. Good job and don't back and bow your head on Kuwaitis

  15. From now be active mostly embassy employees respect each other. mostly domestic helpers un educated plz help them with patience be helpful each an every one jai hind

  16. If you have any problems. .. you personally go and meet him. .. I m sure he will listen you. .. tell other issues if you have any for our nationals. … They will surely try to solve them. …

  17. I shall suggest sunil ji to monitor their employees through CCTV with their voice recording for their behaviour … otherwise his valuable efforts will no more useful because of his own employees. …. They should keep respect for Indians whether he is rich or poor. …. If we respect our nationals world will respect us. …. I strongly believe that sunil ji will look into these aspects also. ..

  18. Good dishition. good jobs. all the beast in indian women's.

  19. Good but thing also male

  20. Loka ragayaggalil munnamathay sthanam anu indiakku please stop home made visa Pakistan eni ninnum home made visa ellalo pinnay anthinanu namukku kashttam anu evaruday joli time annu parayounna onnum ella thanuppu ayalum chudu ayalum joli thannay nirthalakku

  21. he forget males in the rules…sorry guys!!! hehehe

  22. he forget males in the rules…sorry guys!!! hehehe

  23. Thanks sir it's a great step god bless u

  24. indian government take good decision

  25. Salute for your rules….!

  26. Aap ki baat 100% sahi hai…

  27. Sunil jain ji ne ek achi shuruaat ki hai. … tarif karni chahiye. …

  28. At last the Indian government has taken good decision for female domestic workers for security & protection those who are coming into the Kuwait as house maids. it is necessary to prevent physical and mental harassment by sponsors and also should give one medical and one general holiday for every month by sponsor. Minimum wages should be KD. 80 to 90.The Indian Embassy should monitor of all the domestic worker problems and quick response of their complaints and all House maids should cooperate to the Indian Embassy as well.

  29. But at the same time. … embassy ke employees ko active and helping banana hoga. ..

  30. But at the same time. … embassy ke employees ko active and helping banana hoga. ..