Kuwait asked to halt visas for housemaids

December 1, 201427 Comments


Nepal has requested Kuwait not to issue visas to Nepali women as housemaid before the countries reach an agreement on the matter.

State Minister for Labour and Employment Tek Bahadur Gurung wrote to Kuwaiti Social Affairs and Labour Minister Hind al-Subaih during Abu Dhabi Dialogue–a consultative meeting of Asian countries sending and receiving labour–held in Kuwait City on November 26. Nepal has banned Nepali women from taking up a job of housemaid in Kuwait.
Source : Ekantipur

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  1. I don't understand what is mean are no heart snd common sense? I want know plz

  2. I hope PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT will do the same.All kadama is a human not animals . Going here abroad to have a better
    future not to suffering maltreated of the employers.Only God knows.

  3. I agree that to stop sending o processing visa for housemaid..cause now to much bad news u hear regarding how they treat the khadama and abuse it. I wish also in Philippines that they stop sending visa for housemaid. . Also agency they can't protect us to the employer if we ask help.

  4. It would not be a problem if kuwaiti had respect for others. Abusing and raping the help is too common in kuwait. Before a kuwaiti is allowed to have a maid she should have to work as one first. Earn the right and know the abuse you put on others less fortunate.

  5. Hopefully… praying… and hoping Philippine government will do the same… even that Kuwait government increases salary for Filipina housemaids… sponsors never follow that agreement.. pitty filipinas for they just take the risk working… once they are employed here… for they are don't have choice… ending up these filipinas runaways… and become illegal expats.. when they are maltreated by their sponsors.. plssss Philippine govt. Wake up… ALlaah Kareem…. Haram… i knew these situations… because my sponsors.. have an agency for transfered maids here in Kuwait… ….any help.. pm me in facebook…

  6. Yes its true in all the comments.mostly they have no heart towards the maids,no concern,no mercy,no proper time,treats like slaves.only god protects them

  7. I wish I work in embassy or I hv say in de prob of khadamas I will say de should banned housemaid so dat kuwaitis especially der ladies to do tins demselves let us see how dirty dey r …de still hv housemaid de can't take care of de maids ….not dat dey are paying gud money sef …still de are taking their housemaid as a salve ….both dey forget dat der lives is in de hands of d housemaids

  8. كافى هنود سفرهوم الديره امتلت من الجنسبات الالغير موهله للعمل ارفعى الاسعار عليهم الطحين البنزين الاجار كل شى الغاز دعوه. للتجار .

  9. Kwt is hav alot of inda owrker so ats fool now

  10. Imran Khan says:

    Kuwaitis are non sensable and rediculous behavior with housema

  11. Not only NEPALI but also the ETHIOPIANS they are both NO HEART AND NO COMMON SENSE…
    That's it thank you

  12. It's better to stop own country to work as a maid in kuwait. Kuwaiti want maid. Must be agriment both country.

  13. They treat maid like masikin and so arrogant becouse they know expatriate in Kuwait supposed to independent

  14. Good for Kuwaitis that will eliminate their arrogance

  15. all because they treats maidz like animals and beating or maltreated…

  16. Your so right….aside from no common sense…the citizens not educated, bad attitudes and most no Heart. ..

  17. your asking the problem again i wish you have worked as a house maid before or you know any house maid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Da way dey great des gals z un fair,hpe dis tme dey will now know da gd use of amaid

  19. Should have ample policies, procedures, & guarantee of safety and security before resuming to issue House Maid Visas.

  20. it must be long back, many maida have died and many suffered. they muat know the human right first, and must be understand what the meaning of houaemaid.

  21. I like them to stop housemaid so that the kuwaitis that are so lazy and wicked will do it themselves

  22. Yaah let them set down & tolk first how to treat there girls in houses i think da will help da maids after

  23. Why, whats the problem?????

  24. Coz this is the stupid country which citizens doesn't have common sense.

  25. Why most countries are putting a stop to maid service in Kuwait.

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