From UK to Kuwait on 1 August

August 15, 20150

nicholeThe first obvious question about Kuwait for newcomers and those pondering coming here is: just how hot is it? The answer at the moment – in early August – is ‘very’. I’ve been to Australia and that was hot, but not this hot. It’s currently in the mid-40s with around 15% humidity.

I landed in Kuwait on 1 August to start a new job and a new life. It’s rather different from the UK.

To give an example of the heat, my first outing was to the Scientific Centre, Salmiya – in particular, the aquarium. (It also has a cinema and a discovery centre.) Outside are some ye olde boats, and as I took my camera out for a photo; not only were my sunglasses steamed up, but my camera lens was too.


Ship ahoy! outside the Scientific Centre.

After visiting the aquarium (which is small, yet nice – how can you go wrong when you have sharks; albeit small ones?), I tested myself with a walk. I wanted to reach the next landmark along the pathway – Marina Mall – which runs alongside Arabian Gulf Street – I estimate it would take me around 15 minutes in the UK.


A cousin of Jaws, inside the aquarium

I walked very slowly – wearing a hat and sunglasses – and after around ten minutes my legs started to feel heavy. I was sensible and had water with me, but after five minutes more realised I’d be foolish to keep going and turned back. I stopped for a full sugar Pepsi at a kiosk and that put my battery up from around 10% to 25%. I then had a Starbucks Mixed Berry Juice inside the Scientific Centre to take me up to around 50%.


A lovely view of the Gulf

You don’t see the locals strolling around in the mid-afternoon sun;
so the message to myself (and others not in the know) is: don’t get cocky. I’ve been told the hot season lasts from July-September; and that the rest of the year is lovely. I shall look forward to that as I can stretch my legs a bit more.

My final thought for today is: there is no way they could play the football world cup in this region during the summer!

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