Overall Crime and Safety Situation of Kuwait

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crimeitledOfficial crime statistics for 2014 were not published at the time of this report. Media reporting indicates that there was an overall decrease in criminal activity compared to recent years. The third country national (TCN) community comprises approximately two-thirds of the population, including approximately 50,000 U.S. citizens. It is probable, particularly among TCN victims of lower income/status, that a high percentage of crimes in the TCN community go unreported. Violent crime occurs between Kuwaitis and/or by Kuwaitis against foreign workers (domestic staff) but often goes unreported or not fully investigated. Most travelers are not impacted by crime provided they practice personal security measures to mitigate the possibility of becoming a victim.

Petty thefts have been reported in the popular outdoor markets or shopping malls frequented by tourists and Westerners. The opportunity for such crimes exists, especially in high-traffic shopping areas. Property crimes (pickpocketing, purse snatching) are more likely to take place in shopping areas and other high-traffic locations where foreign visitors congregate.

There have been very few reported incidents of ATM/credit card fraud; however, the potential of becoming a victim of fraud is increasing.

Other reported crimes include, but are not limited to, various types of immigration and residency fraud, ATM/credit card theft, white collar fraud, embezzlement, possession/trafficking of narcotics, and property theft.

Midway through the year, there were several reports of residential break-ins in neighborhoods where expatriates reside. There were no injuries reported as a result, and it appears as though the primary motivation was financial gain. These residential break-ins decreased in frequency throughout the remainder of the year.

There have been reports of harassment and sexual assault of TCN/expatriate women. Crimes of rape are perceived to not be fully prosecuted. Women traveling alone have been harassed while driving and when out and about, even at upscale shopping malls.

While Kuwait is in many ways a tolerant country, conservative customs and dress are the norm. Photographing women may be considered offensive. U.S. citizens should keep in mind the cultural differences among the many people who coexist and should be cognizant that unwitting actions may invite unwanted attention.

Source : OSAC

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